One of Us

The Crimson Crow's are horrific creatures, terrible creatures, set out to turn you into one of them, without you realising-their method? Your nightmares, your dreams, so much that you stop sleeping and start to see them in real life. You start to see yourself as one of them, you can't help but turn and leave your family behind. And it all started with a plague.


2. Chapter One-1793, first year of the Reign of Terror.

        The masquerade ball was fancy. It was fancy, extravagant, and extremely filling. A huge table covered one wall, and sat with all different kinds of food that a homeless person would exchange their life for. Very few have, and willingly handed themselves over to us, in hope of good food-stupid fools.

        Lucky for us, all we had to do was place masks on our distorted faces, elaborate clothing to cover our deformed bodies and shoes to hide our grotesque feet. It was so simple. All we had to do now, was wait and wait for the terror to shower down on these rich, swanky Fear-Filled. But first, get close to this community to invade their godforsaken dreams.


        At first, their hope coursed through their bodies, their fear too weak, but that soon changed when a marginally sized rock crashed the tall, multi-coloured windows. Our group jumped with the others, but not because of the noise. The adrenaline from their heartbeats starting to spiral. Several more rocks crashed through the windows, and there were few whimpers, but the fear-the fear was slowly starting to rise, as the Fear-Filled stopped and the tension in the room rose.

         The Fear-Blocked swarmed through the large cracks in the windows like flies to honey. They bared their teeth, and swung their torches round as the Fear-Filled started to scream, run, hide, and generally started to cause chaos. We became drunk in the fear, everything seemed to move in slow-motion, and at last we finally ripped off the hideous, irritating façades and showed our true, evolved, beautiful, selves to these hideous Fear-Filled creatures.

        Screams grew in pitch, and so we danced, oh how we danced, to the sound of pounding heartbeats, stomping footsteps, and the swelling of fear. Somewhere, somehow, music started to play from home, and all too soon, we knew it was time to leave. Leaving meant travelling on fear, wherever fear took us, and that meant more recruitment. How exciting! 














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