One of Us

The Crimson Crow's are horrific creatures, terrible creatures, set out to turn you into one of them, without you realising-their method? Your nightmares, your dreams, so much that you stop sleeping and start to see them in real life. You start to see yourself as one of them, you can't help but turn and leave your family behind. And it all started with a plague.


3. Chapter 2-May,1945, WW2 has ended.

        Adrenaline...It's-fading-but still-still coursing through our-fogged minds, our-weak, barely alive-handsome-handsome bodies. But-there is-there is something else-bombs. The promise of-nuclear bombs-keeps us alive-the fear-it has to be real, not-not fake-and there has to be quite-a lot-of it-to create a passage-like a window-into the Fear-Filled minds.

        This generation-it scare-they are-more inn-innocent than any other...and a lot of destruction and-revenge-has weaken-weakened them to a state of pure joy-and heaven...

        But that all too soon died down, as-as there was a time-time before threats of-of nuclears, but after-the second World-World War. We gathered too-many-too soon, and now-now we regret it. There is not-enough fear-for us all-we are going to have-to destroy-and maim-and kill-and turn the Fear-onto some of our own-if we want to get-back at him.

        Him. We've been-so carried away...But that's-definitely-going to-change...Soon...

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