Well, I guess I'm Just Your Problem[Homestuck/Dave Fanfic]

Aurora Elana Morgan was the type of girl you would expect to be hyper then simply fall asleep in a matter of seconds. To put it simply, she was 'crazy' in a normal person's eyes. She didn't care of what people thought of her, she didn't give a shit, that was until the one day she thought would never happened. Happened. Her one and only friend left her for some stupid group; the popular group. She moved...For now. Shit's going to hit the fan, once they get into 9th grade, that is.


2. Well, I guess I'm just Your Problem: Chapter 1

Chapter One: Damn it all to hell, as they say. Aurora simply stepped into the class, glaring at everyone around her, the cold stare only getting one thing in reply; a snicker. She simply scoffed and sat down in her seat as class started, bell ringing, blah. The teacher began role-call, sluggishly getting through the list. "Morgan?" He questioned, yawning loudly. The ravenette growled like a rabid dog, "I'm taking that as you are here..." "And moving soon." The whole class cheered. Not one was sad. Not one was mad. Only happiness roared through the room as the Language Teacher struggled to keep the children under control. "Class! Class! Are none of you going to miss you classmate!?" Gamzee was the first to speak, "ShE's WeIrD, mOtHeRfUcKeR." The female across the room only sneered, loudly at that, she wanted them to know she wouldn't be missing them. A loud sigh came from somewhere; the cool kids group. Obviously, they were talking about something else, not really focusing on what was happening at the moment, because quite frankly, they didn't care...They were all Seventh graders, so what the hell could anyone expect from them? Idotic behavior is what most would say, that's all because they were freaking older. Oh how they all wished that they would just get out of school already, the hell..The agonizing hell was so boring, but it didn't matter to the kids in the back, since they all had shit to do anyways. ~Timeskip to Music, because why not~ Aurora simply walked into the music room, full because she just had lunch, and sat in her usual spot. Which was now by the cool kid's seats because they decided 'Oh why not go and pick on this bitch a little more!?' Or at least that's what Aurora thought they were doing. One turned to her and groaned, "Why do I have to sit by her?!" "Well, I'll trade you seats." Aurora recognized the voice. Oh shit. It was Dave, he was probably just going to be over there to pester her or something. She didn't want to deal with him. Aurora didn't notice; the two had already switched places, and there was one more open chair on the other side of the room that was kicked out and deserted! She began to stand up, only to have had her wrist grabbed by someone. Of course. That someone was Dave. "What do you think you're doing?" "Going over there, obviously." "Why?" "Because you're sitting over here, idiot." "Well, that's rude don't you think?" "No. Just let me over there and I won't annoy you like I always have." Dave looked suprised, or some other emotion, because he sure as hell didn't have his usual blank face on. "Well, you're not annoying m-" "Dave, why are you talking to the weird kid?" A female asked, she looked confused of why someone like him would be talking to someone like Aurora. "Because it's ironic." "How?" "She thinks I'm being nice to her. So just shut up, you...Whoever you are..?" The class began to start up as the teacher walked in, "Hello, class~!" She looked around, this was her version of taking role call. "Okay, only one seat is not filled, that means the whole class is here~" She walked over to her computer and began to do things, and then when she was done, she looked up at Aurora, "Aurora, darling, isn't it your turn to sing for us today?~" "Oh crap it is, isn't it?" "Do you have a song?" The student looked as if she was going to die. Right there. On the spot. But, she didn't. Instead she had a song, which was, of course, the hipster song To Late To Apologize by One Republic. [A/N: Go look it up, I'm not putting a Youtube Link because my Youtube links won't work.] The class basically fell asleep while she was singing, but Dave sure didn't. He hadn't heard her sing all. Year. And he was a bit suprised, but of course it hadn't mattered. Since she was no longer in his life, why should he care? Suddenly one thing made him feel a tad guilty, it was back when they were kids. It was a memory of course, but he never remembered it until this time... - s t a r t i n g o f f l a s h b a c k - "Hey, it's Aurora~!" A first grader John Egbert yelled, pointing over to the girl who was sitting by herself, sitting by the pond anyway, and she simply didn't bother looking over at the trio of kids. The trio consisting of two first graders, and one third grader, the two first graders were John and Dave, the third grader being Dirk, the two brothers looked at eachother before shrugging. "Why don't we go over there?" "That's a great idea~!" The buck-toothed child gave a grin before sprinting over to the 'lonely' girl sitting. Aurora looked up but just grinned, standing up and running over to them. "I thought you weren't paying attention to me~!" "Why would you think that?!" The elder of the group - Dirk - said. "Because you all were playing a game without me.." "Well, we didn't mean to exclude you.." He grummbled, rolling his eyes behind his shades. "I know~! It's just rude to walk in on someone playing a game.." She sighed, she had been taught manners, but not that many that anyone else knew. Aurora simply smiled before looking at the trio before her, "Well, I have to go, seeya tomorrow~?" The small gal questioned, rocking back and forth on her heels, the hot Texan day beating down on their skin. The three infront of her gave her a nod. "Of course!" Then, the small female was on her way. - e n d o f f l a s h b a c k - Dave hadn't relized how long that he had zoned out, but it must have been awhile, because most of the people were out of the class room, but there was one left standing in there, just raising her eyebrow and watching him. "Hey, idiot, come on," Was her one simple statement, Dave sighed and stood. "Did they rush out and leave me?" "Yep." "Did they make faces at you?" "Of course, smart one!" She rolled her eyes, not wanting to make contact with the male. "So, when are you leaving?" Her head snapped towards him, "Who in god's name told you that?" "A source." ____________________________ [A/N: Okay, done. Now, this has words in it, okay? I tried, okay? This is going to be a lot better when I actually have time, which I never really have time of anymore, but I've been trying to be more and more and more creative with my things, and damn I am tired, but look, I'm still struggling with all this writing to be done. And I like the thought of this story. c: The character may seem a little Mary Sue, but, I'm actually still working on her well being and it's kinda nerve racking when you have no time. Cheerio, mates! -Zoe]
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