Kasey Lindy

When you get adopted by One Direction you'd normally be stoked! Not Kasey. She wants to wait another 3 months to not get adopted so she can have her 18 birthday and be set free on HER OWN. Will that happen? Read and see!!


4. Liam's POV


Kasey Amanda Lindy or should I say Kasey Amanda Styles. I think she is the most beautiful creature to ever walk the earth. I want her so bad. I don't even know her but I love her. I can't steal him from my best friend Harry. BUT I could take her because Kasey dosen't love Harry back.....


"Hey Kaso." I said.

"Don't call me that."Kasey said.

"Look at me."I told her sternly.

"Um no thanks." Kasey said still texting.

"Now!" I screamed.

She quickly looked at me.

"HAPPY?!" She yelled.

"You will not fall in love with anyone in this band except ME. You will not touch bodies with any other boy." Liam stated.

Harry walked in.

"Oh yeah?" Kasey questioned.

She quickly got up and kissed Harry hard. Then she ran before Harry or I could do anything.

"Hell yeah." Harry said smirking.

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