Kasey Lindy

When you get adopted by One Direction you'd normally be stoked! Not Kasey. She wants to wait another 3 months to not get adopted so she can have her 18 birthday and be set free on HER OWN. Will that happen? Read and see!!


1. Kasey


I so happy I'm almost 18!! Thank God I wasn't adopted. I want to live and explore in my own without anyone stopping me. Well I just have to hold up for another 2 months! I walked into the kitchen ( we have an amazing orphanage ) and grabbed some frosted flakes. Timmy, Kelsey, Ronnie, Amber, Mackenzie, April, May, Macy and Erik were all in the kitchen as well making a huge fuss about how someone was getting adopted. When I sat down the table went silent.

"Hey guys?"

"Hey" they all muttered.

Mrs. Tami, our watcher, walked in.

"Kasey may I speak to you?" Mrs. Tami asked.

I walked over to her. We sat down in the leather chairs.

" I know how much you don't want to be adopted but you've been, adopted" she told me.

"NO!!! They can't!! I refuse to leave!!!" I screamed.

" you have to Kasey they filled out the paper work and payed already.

"Then I will just run away!!" I declared.

"Don't you dare! I love you Kasey but you have to go with them." She explained.

"Do they know they just ruined my entire life?" I asked.

"Go pack Kasey." She told me.

"Fine." I stomped away.

I ran upstairs bawling my eyes out. I threw my suitcase onto my bed and violently smushed clothes into it.

"Hey Kasey." Mackenzie said.

"Hey." I said like I was dead.

"Do you know who's adopting you? He's like a REALLY big deal!" Mackenzie asked.

"Who?" I said still no enthusiasm.

" HARRY STYLES!" Mackenzie shouted.

Now Mackenzie knows I have a pure hate for One Direction. They a useless piece of trash wish was never born.

"No this CAN NOT be happening to me!" I yelled.

"Why do you hate him so much?" Mackenzie asked.

"If I tell you, you can't tell anyone else." I said.

"I won't I promise." Mackenzie swore.

" 3 years ago I was at home (before my parents died) and I went out for a stroll. I saw a bunch of screaming girls around Harry and I was a fan back then so I went to join the group.

Flash back....

"I will be picking one lucky girl to accompany me to my house party." Harry announced.

Instantly every girl raised there hand, so did I but not as enthusiastic as the others.

"Ah you there darling! What's your name beautiful?" Harry asked pointing at me.

"My name is um Kasey." I answered.

"Come with me Kasey or shall I call you for the night Mrs.Styles." Harry explained.

I was grinning as wide as I could.

We drove to his house. It was like a typical England house hold. We were chatting in the car and became very close.

"I know this is sudden, but your the girl of my dreams. Will you go out with me?" Harry asked.

"Yes! A million times yes!" I screamed.

We danced all night, and I went to go get something to drink and I came back to Harry kissing another girl, a very passionate kiss. I dropped my glass.

"Harry...." I muttered.

He looked at me pulling the girl off with panic in his eyes. I just ran off back home crying.

Present day

"Wow. I can see why you hate him. Yet why all of One Direction?" Mack asked.

"They're probably all jerks like him." I explained.

Mrs.Tami came in.

"He's um here Kasey." Mrs. Tami said.

"I love you Macky Boo" I said to Mackenzie.

"I love you Kaso." She cried.

I said my goodbyes to everyone and then went to the adoption center room. Harry. Was in there smiling very bright, he remembered exactly who I was....

"Hello there Kasey I'm Harry." Harry explained.

"Pht I know." I said

" Are you packed Kasey?" Harry asked.

I just walked out of the orphanage not saying another word.

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