Life changing dead.

Life changed them like nobody els.
Nobody could save them except each other.
Nobody would let them be them self.
And when they got them self.
Nobody could see it was them.
And all of it was because of there brothers.
All of it was because of them apart.


1. Prolog.

Amanda's P.O.V

I was six when my bother died, his name was James, he was ten years older than me, and he loved rock music. He was in a band, they all died together, in a car crass. His best friend Ryan, had a little brother named Andy, we where best friend before they died. After the funeral my mother when down. She drank all day long and in the end she got shot by her new boyfriend. I never new my dad before, not until he came to my mothers apartment, with his fantastic wife and there idiot of a son. He took me to his big house and I have now been living here for five years. He gives me a lot of money's but, I don't care about them. He wants me to be together with his sons best friend but he is such a snob. I don't like be near them and I normally sits in my room drinking or going to patties getting high on E. Life is like hell, when I am clean. So I always haves a vine or some bears in my closet, and some E in my socks.

Andy's P.O.V

I was eight when my brother died. His name was Ryan he was sixteen when he died. His best friend, an band member James died with him in the car crash, James little sister and I was best friend until they died, and her mother and her moved. I went down many of my friends left me, and I started drinking when I got 12. I got into a band and know I am famous, but I can't stop thinking of her. Amanda, I wonder what she is doing and if I ever gonna meet her again. I drink a lot, and takes E some times. My mother doesn't wanna have contact to me and nether my father. Jake, Jinxx, cc, and Ashley,(my band members.) offend tells me to stop drinking but I can't. Maybe I am famous and can buy everything I want but, I'm never gonna get happy again.

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