Life changing dead.

Life changed them like nobody els.
Nobody could save them except each other.
Nobody would let them be them self.
And when they got them self.
Nobody could see it was them.
And all of it was because of there brothers.
All of it was because of them apart.


2. Fuck it's him.

,,Amanda come get some drinks with us!" Casper yelled, Casper is my best friend Jessie's brother. I walked over to him. ,,Do you got some?" I asked he nodded and gave me a pill and a drink. I smiled at him and took the pill and swallowed it with help from the drink. ,,where is Jessie?" I afsked him. ,,In the arms of her boyfriend over there." He Said and pointes at A couch. ,,Thanks." i said and smiled at him and walked over to them. ,,what's up Jess?" I asked and bumped down in the couch. ,,Not much, I heard there is a rock band partying here tonight, maybe you should get some hotnes." She said smirking. She doesn't know about my brother. ,,Andy!" I heard some one yell. ,,I don't think so." I said and drank the rest of my drink. ,,Come on Amanda you are so boring!" She Wined ,,Okay okay, maybe." I said and drank the rest of her drink. We walked out on the dance floor, an started dancing to the music. After like three hours we got a lot of drinks and I was standing in the corner kissing a boy. When I heard a female voice scream. ,,it's Andy Biersack!" It can't be, It must be the drugs. He boy/man started walking away wile he pulled me after him. Then he pushed me out side an up against the wall. ,,you're fucking hot." He studded, starting kissing my neck. ,,let go of me." I said trying to push him away. ,,we're just gonna have a bit of fun first." He said taking of my shirt. I Tried to push him away again but he just laughed and started opening my shorts. He almost put down my underwears, but then he got ripped of me and was landing on the ground.,,you're not going to fucking mess with her ever again, if you ever touch her or any other girl who don't want you, and I found out, I'll fucking kill you!" A young tall man yelled at him. ,,Are you okay?" He asked looking into my eyes, fuck they reminds me of, it is not, or, yeah it is... ,,yeah thanks I have to go sorry." I said fast sipping my shorts, walking fast inside again and out of the club. Why do I meat him here. I fell like pug. So I learned forwort. And every thing just went black.

- Sorry for the short chapter I'll try to make the rest longer or at least make more chapters a day. :) hope you like it .A-Mol.

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