Star-crossed Child

The Star-crossed lovers of District 12 never caused uprisings. They were only ever forced into the arena once. Julia, the daughter of Katniss and Peeta Melark is loved by all of Panem. The rule introduced in the 75th annual hunger games means she will never face the devastating reality of life in Panem. As bad as those from the Capitol, Julia can't wait to the 100th annual hunger games. And as the daughter of the current district 12 mentors she gets to watch from the Capitol. The only thing that could ruin this, is if the reaping ball will hold the names of the children of the victors. Then she will have a truly front row seat. So close she'll be living in the Hunger Games


1. Prolouge

In District 12 the merchants and the seam kids go to different schools. Katniss and Peeta never met until the reaping. They fell instantly in love.

Katniss sits beside me on the plush velvet couch, her hand clasping mine. The holographic television that sits in front of us projects an image of President Snow into the air. He begins to go on about past quarter quells, while Katniss and I fear the worst, that this years quarter quell will send us back into the arena, faced with life and death. Snows voice booms as he opens a crisp white envelope given to him by a young boy in a suit that matches the envelope, only about ten years of age, who must be avox. "As a reminder to the rebels" Snow reads "that they can be bent at the Capitol's will. The 75th annual hunger games will mark a new rule. This rule will be, a victor's child shall never have to enter the arena." There is a cheer from the Capitol crowd. They love the victors and a victors child can be just as loved. I hug Katniss in relief. We are safe to have kids. The only thing that has stopped me having kids is the possibility of having to watch them go into that arena. But now there is no chance of that happening.

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