Star-crossed Child

The Star-crossed lovers of District 12 never caused uprisings. They were only ever forced into the arena once. Julia, the daughter of Katniss and Peeta Melark is loved by all of Panem. The rule introduced in the 75th annual hunger games means she will never face the devastating reality of life in Panem. As bad as those from the Capitol, Julia can't wait to the 100th annual hunger games. And as the daughter of the current district 12 mentors she gets to watch from the Capitol. The only thing that could ruin this, is if the reaping ball will hold the names of the children of the victors. Then she will have a truly front row seat. So close she'll be living in the Hunger Games


3. Chapter Two: 100 years

Julia's P.O.V

15 years later

'Bring, Bring' I ran to answer the phone. It was my Aunt Primrose, although everyone calls her Prim. "Hey Aunt Prim, What's up." I asked.

"I was just in the square, they were announcing that there's going to mandatory viewing on channel six at 5.30"

I glanced at the clock to see it was 5.25 "Kk, thanks Aunt Prim, I'll tell mum and Dad."

"Thanks, Bye"

"Laters" I hung up the phone. "Mum, Dad" I yelled up the stairs.

It took a few seconds for mum to respond "Yes, Julia"

"Aunt Prim just called. Theirs mandatory viewing in 5."

"Ok we'll be down in a second." I heard her and Dad get up and start walking down the hallway to the stairs. I made my way into the living room and sprawled out on one of the velvet sofas and flicked on the t.v, turning it to channel six. The national anthem began to play as Mum and Dad sat down on another couch. President Snow appeared on the screen. He looked as if he was deteriorating. He went on about the dark days and the Hunger Games, and how every 25 years there would be a quarter quell, an anniversary of the Games. I remembered how on the 75th anniversary, the children of the victors would be safe from having to enter the games. This year was the 100th anniversary. "To celebrate the 100th anniversary there will not only be one quarter quell, but next year there shall be another." President Snow announced. The Capitol crowd erupted in cheers and applause. A young boy in a white suit passed an envelope with the number 100 in gold to Snow. He opened it and began to read it aloud. "As a reminder to the districts that the dark days resulted in unhappy childhoods even for those of high status, this years tributes shall be reaped from the children of the victors." Once again the Capitol crowd cheers. But they suddenly stop as they realize something. What?

Beside me Mum burst into tears. Dad whispered under his breath, "The only reason I agreed to have a child is because they wouldn't have to do this." I was confused as to why they were so upset. I didn't understand the meaning of the quarter quell. I don't understand why they don't love to watch the Games. They are always miserable around the games but never this miserable. I love my life. Every year I get to go to the Capitol because my Parents are mentors. I am the only daughter of any District 12 victor. The rest are boys. All of them want to go out with me. Then I suddenly realize what is happening. If I am the only daughter of any district 12 tribute and the only names in the reaping ball this year are going to be those of victors children that means that I, Julia Melark are going to be competing in the Hunger Games. I have now a 23/24 chance of dying for the entertainment of those who adore me.

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