Star-crossed Child

The Star-crossed lovers of District 12 never caused uprisings. They were only ever forced into the arena once. Julia, the daughter of Katniss and Peeta Melark is loved by all of Panem. The rule introduced in the 75th annual hunger games means she will never face the devastating reality of life in Panem. As bad as those from the Capitol, Julia can't wait to the 100th annual hunger games. And as the daughter of the current district 12 mentors she gets to watch from the Capitol. The only thing that could ruin this, is if the reaping ball will hold the names of the children of the victors. Then she will have a truly front row seat. So close she'll be living in the Hunger Games


2. Chapter One: Birth

Peeta's P.O.V

"Peeta" Katniss whispered anxiously. I looked up from my book and up at her. In her hand she held a curved white stick with a pink tab on the end. It was a pregnancy test. She was positively pregnant. And in nine months we would have a baby girl.

9 months later

"What should we call her." Katniss queries, rubbing her tummy. "How about Julia?" I contribute. Katniss gazes at me longingly and whispers "That's perfect." Just as she says this a trickle of water begins to make its way onto the couch but Katniss is caught up in a daydream. "Um... Katniss, I think you're water just broke." She shook her head, snapping back into reality. She looked down and stood up, startled as she was still slightly dazed. I ran to the phone, and rang Katniss' mother Lacey and sister Prim who heal the people in district 12 and have also delivered a few babies in their time.

A few minutes later Katniss had gone up to our room to lie down while she waited for her mother and sister when there as a knock at the door. Peeta answered and found Lacey and Prim standing there with arms full of herbs and medical concoctions. I directed then up to the bedroom. Katniss was lying on the bed, wincing in pain. Prim set down her things and grabbed a bottle full of a blue liquid labeled Lucolo. She urged Katniss to open her mouth and poured in a few drops of the liquid. Almost instantly she stopped wincing. I grabbed hold of her hand as Lacey got Katniss to drink a herbal broth. "It will help the baby to come quicker." she explained to me and I nodded in response. "Katniss, I'm going to need you to push, honey." Lacey said sweetly. Katniss screwed up her face and pushed.

Held in her mothers arms, the new baby girl took in the world. "Have you decided what you are going to call her" Prim queried. "Her name is Julia" Katniss beamed looking into my eyes. Julia herself had deep blue eyes. Her hair blonde and thin, falling to her shoulders. Her lips were a beautiful pink and her skin tanned though she had never seen sunlight as the night had been nigh since 7.00pm. The clock ticked over to 9.00. I told Katniss that I was going to go and sleep in one of the guest rooms so that she could feed Julia in privacy. I kissed her goodnight and went into one of the guest rooms. As my head hit the pillow I fell into a deep sleep.

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