When poppy and sarah's mum and dad get killed by the goverment the girls must hide so no one can find them, but what dont know is they are gettig HUNTED!


4. the man

It had been a few weeks now and we managed to stay alive. But today i woke up and heard sticks cracking. I know it sounds stupid but i swear i did and they were getting closer. I shook poppy until she woke up and we started running. We ran and we ran and we ran until i went THUMP! I fell backwards and poppy stared laughing. I looked up and a man about dads height was standing looking at me looking lifeless.


I stood up and looked at him, he had a small beard with deep blue eyes and a big nose ( a bit like dads too) me and poppy continued running and i looked back and he stared back at me. Then i stopped. And turned around and thought,

'He looks like dad, he has the same nose the same eyes the same small beard to what dad usually gets when he dosnt shave, is it?? No it cant be dads..... Dead!?!?!?

I walked towards him and he went to open his mouth but closed it.

"Say something" i said with a curious look,

"I am just looking for my kids have you seen them!?!?"

IT WAS DAD!!! I ran towards him and gave him a big hug, poppy had to look very carefully before she started running towards us,

"Were's mum??"

Then dads smile dropped and a tear came out his eye.

"No, i dont believe it" and poppy started running, where was she going??? ..........

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