When poppy and sarah's mum and dad get killed by the goverment the girls must hide so no one can find them, but what dont know is they are gettig HUNTED!


2. survival

It was almost night time and we had nothing except for our coats and clothes. We curled up infront of a tree and sunk inside of my big coat. It was freezing cold but i remember what dad taught me. I got up and helped poppy up to,

"We are going to play a game"

"Goodie, i like games, whats the game??"

"How many pieces of wood you can find and then as a reward we can have heat"

So we both set off looking for sticks and twigs and everything made of wood, poppy ended up beating me. So i placed them perfectly and lit it up. Poppy started to drift off to sleep, i almost did to but i put out the fire before.

"Wake up, wake up, get up sarah!!!!"

I opened my eyes and saw my sister looking down at me, she wasnt the lightest of kids.

"Get off me, what do you want"


I sighed, "i'm hungry too but i dont know what we could have"

Poppy put a smile on her face,

"why dont we go home and get food"

I looked worried and poppy could obviously tell,

"Were's mummy and daddy??"

She started sniffing and a tear dropped down both of our cheeks, she had only just realised we were all on our own

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