When poppy and sarah's mum and dad get killed by the goverment the girls must hide so no one can find them, but what dont know is they are gettig HUNTED!


3. grab and go

We stood up and brushed ourselves off. Maybe the men had gone, it was worth a try. So i came outside of the woods and told poppy to hide in the bushes. I ran up towards the back on the house and stopped to catch my breath, i peaked through the window and no one was in so i hauled myself up and through. I saw two bowls of mums special dinner in clingfilm, but a noise squeak came outside the house to i knew i had to grab it and go. As i just jumped out the window the door flew open and i just managed to run back to poppy in time. And we ate half of the bowl each. Then snuggled down under my coat to get some sleep

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