Tainted || H.S

Bridget Morgan had just moved to the quiet, small town. Shy and quiet, when she first entered the school, things changed. She was so obviously beautiful, and any guy could tell you that but Bridget simply shrugged them off. She had a life she wasn't willing to tell anybody about, but maybe she doesn't have to. What happens when Harry begins to take notice of her differences? Even worse, what happens when she lets him into her life? When the whole town finds out of Bridget's life, it doesn't remain quiet for much longer.


1. Author Note (Please Read) | Characters

Author Note

Here are some things to know about the story, that way there won't be any confusion when the first chapter is published. This note will be a guideline for this books and any that may follow it!


• This is mostly written in a girl's PoV. I haven't decided whether it'll all be a girl's PoV or a variety, but mainly Bridget's. Bridget is in her junior year (Making her seventeen).

• *WARNING* This story may contain cursing, abuse, self-harm and sexual content. If you can be triggered, please do not read this story as I want you to be happy and safe.

Disclaimer, my characters will in no way be perfect. Any human in the real world isn't perfect, and mine are no excuse. The relationships in this story will not be perfect either. There will be arguments, heart breaks and more. The story will be realistic because not every love works like a fairy tale. This story should in no way be cliché, and keep one thing in mind. A story is meant to stir up emotions within a reader. If you don't find yourself smiling, crying and experiencing different emotions then I've failed at writing this story. This will not be a happy all around story and there will be a lot of emotion poured into it. I pour how I feel into a story so be prepared to ride a roller coaster of emotion. 

• Without further ado, let's now dive into the story.





Indiana Evans > Bridget Morgan

Harry Styles > Harry Styles

Louis Tomlinson > Louis Tomlinson

Niall Horan > Niall Horan

Demi Lovato > Stacy Hop

Carrie Underwood > Annie Morgan

Logan Lerman > Jacob Jackson

Austin Butler > Trace Morgan


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