Behind The Fance

Emily haves family problems she always been abused by her step dad and Katy her mother won't stand up to him . Katy runs off outside to the over side of the Fance and she knocks on the house that she fell in the backyard. Well Harry help her? Does he realized tht he loves her? Or will he move on and find a other girl?


2. The Fight

Emlly POV

"Didn't I tell you so many time to not spill that fucking orange juice were I sit!!!!" Macro yelled at me " please don't hit me I promise I won't do it agian please" I yelled " don't yell! u make my want to punch that ugly face of yours more!" He yelled louder. When he yelled even louder I didn't have time to look at him cause when I tryed he slapped me so hard I think he left me a mark of his hands. I didn't cry I acted fast I got my coat and ran up to my room and opened the window and got out of that fucking house already.I knew these was going to happen so I already had a black bag that had everything I needed. I ran fast until Marco couldn't see me. I ran fast until I remembered there was a house that's pretty far and maybe no one lives there so I just went were I had my hinding spot and followed the path

Harry POV

I was on my tweeter when I heard yelling and it sounded like a man and a girl yelling at each other. I thought this was a very quiet place but I really don't mind that yelling cause I barley hear them. "Ah" i heard someone say outside. I quickly got a baseball bat which i dont know why i have it . So i lighted the back yard with my phoned light until i saw a beautiful girl with Brown hair and blue eyes and aslo her lips looked so kissable

Emily Pic

"Ahh" i yelled quietly while i tried to get over a Fance but my jeans were caught so i just pulled my jeans and i thinks i ripped them but then i heard someone slammed a door and saw a light which i think it came from a phone and it was a pretty hot boy. He had curls and his smile. I couldnt see his eyes since it was too dark but i felt that he looked at my lips.

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