Behind The Fance

Emily haves family problems she always been abused by her step dad and Katy her mother won't stand up to him . Katy runs off outside to the over side of the Fance and she knocks on the house that she fell in the backyard. Well Harry help her? Does he realized tht he loves her? Or will he move on and find a other girl?


1. The Fight

Emily POV

"Dinner Time" Katy shouted.When I heard Katy shout I got up from the grass quickly but before I could do anything something got my attention. I think that we have new neighbor tho beacause there's a moving truck. I wonder who is it but I better leave before Katy comes out and grounds me for a month just by not going to eat on time. Sometimes I wish I could run away cause they always get me in trouble for stupid things. I'm 18 and my name is Emily Handson. I feel like a slave cause I pretty much have to do everything in the house and Katy just sits around all day until my Step-Father Marco come.

Harry POV

"Can you just put those thigs over to my room on the right side of the hall way" I told the person that helped me with my furniture. I bought my own place in America just for 3 weeks until my tour. Since we are first starting in California I just thought it would be great to to move here for a while. "Ring" my phone started. " Hey Niall , how are you mate ?" I asked just to see what he wanted. " nothing just wondering to see if you already ate." Niall wondered "Nah mate I barley got here but I might get Macdonlds for later"I spoked to him " oh ok I was just checking on the food .. I mean on you mate"he told me "Ok bye Nailler" I said. Niall always think about food. I don't blame him tho cause if there was something bad food is always there for you

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