Behind The Fance

Emily haves family problems she always been abused by her step dad and Katy her mother won't stand up to him . Katy runs off outside to the over side of the Fance and she knocks on the house that she fell in the backyard. Well Harry help her? Does he realized tht he loves her? Or will he move on and find a other girl?


3. Meet You

Harry POV

"Who are you" I said. "I'm stuck can u please just help me,my leg it's starting to hurt" the girl said but not answering my question. "No first just tell me your name and I help you"I said while looking at a bag that was over my side. " Fine my name is Emily Handson and I'm stuck on this Fance that's hurting my leg. " what does this black bag have inside"I asked. I was going to open it until Iheard" don't open it, it has my clothes and everything I need pase don't" she begged. I ignored her and just opened it if had bad things in it."ok your cleared and let me help you"I sai " stop I can do it myself ok and what you gonna do when i get off ......will you just ask me questions? She said with a angry tone. " no I just want to help please just let me help you " I corrected her " ok just get me off here and I'll leave"she said " no don't leave I want to helped u and here" I helped her getting to my side . But she fell and I thought she hurt her slef cause when she landed on my side on the back yard I heard a "fuck" which she whisperd to her slef " can u walk ?l" I asked worried "no but I'll try to and good bye"she turned around and was almost to leave until " wait no just stay for a while in my house until u get better" I don't know why those words came out but then " no I don't want to bother you " but when she started walk she fell pretty hard I imagine cause she started crying. I carried her into my house and settle her down to a guest room ." Thank you" she said " no problem and anything u want just ask me" after I said that she said " what's your name ?" She asked " Harry... Harry styles " I said and I wondered if she would freak out like other girls do. " oh "

Emily POV.

I was shocked when ever he said his name was Harry styles . But I questioned to my slef what is he doing in California if on your but I rather wait . " you can take a shower if u want there's food and when ever your are tired just go to sleep" Harry said . I nodded and said " first I want to take a shower first cause I feel dirty" and with that I opened the black bag and took a black long leggings until I remember I didn't pack shirts " Harry can u come in for a sec"I shouted but not that loud " yeah whatcha need?" He asked " I forgot to pack shirts and do u have a girls shirt I can borrow?" I said shyly" no but I'll let u borrow a t-shirt is that fine?" Harry asked I just nodded and with that he brought it and I went back to the bathroom to shower. After I showered I put my hair into a bun. I knew that I looked lazy but I was just sleep cause I need to leave quickly so Marco can't find me here.

Authors note: these are short chapters but I really trying to do my best cause I'm not a good write

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