The Market Bombing

My entry to the competition for the boon "A Split Second." My version of how the bomb went off and how it all went down.


3. 3.Charlie

I was still thinking about the boy until my mom tapped my shoulder and pointed to the door with tears in her eyes, smiling. I looked up slowly and saw my dad walk in with his uniform on and smiling. I had tears in my eyes not believing what I was seeing. My dad, my best friend, standing at the door finally home from war. Before I knew it, I was running towards him and he threw his bag down running towards me.

I was almost there in his arms when all of a sudden....BOOM! I was thrown back and hit my head on a table and blacked out. When I finally got my conscious back I looked up slowly and looked around. Babies were screaming, moms were crying, and blood was everywhere. I grabbed my head and felt blood from where I had hit it. I slowly got up, limping, and panicking looking for my mom and dad. I looked at the entrance and saw my dad's bag lying on the floor. Tears started to fall uncontrollably as I remembered what just happened. I saw a trail of blood and followed it slowly and lying at the end was my dad's dead body. 


I fell to my knees in disbelief, screaming his name. "DAD!! NO!!! WHY?! HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE! HELP ME!" Everyone was running away and panicking so there was no hope for me to help him. I cried into his shoulder and holding him tightly. I felt something in his pants pocket and pulled it out. It was a box with a card. I opened it:

Dear Charlie,

I love you so much! I know how hard it's been with me down here and you living with your mom but I miss you more than words can describe. It gets lonely here and all I can think about at night are all of our memories and how we used to play and laugh everyday. I miss you Char and no matter what happens to me I will always be with you. Take this gift and always wear it to remember me.




i was crying hard and slowly opened to box and saw my dad's Dog Tag and a picture of us on the back of it. I put it on " Daddy please come back!" Someone grabbed me from behind and threw me on their back and ran. I panicked and hit his back while screaming for my dad. As we went further I reached for the direction my dad was in and out of the blue another bomb went off I screamed knowing that I'll never see my dad again. "PUT ME DOWN! WHERE IS MY MOTHER?!" He said nothing, and placed me on the ground. I looked over and saw my mom sitting across from me crying her eyes out. I ran to her and hugged her and cried for my dad. "Mom I saw him die! I-I was h-hugging his body but all I felt was blood everywhere." She looked at me "He's gone.... My love is gone..... Forever!" We cried and screamed until the boy came back and dropped the bag in front of me. It was my dad's bag that he brought in with him. I looked up at the boy and he looked back "I'm so sorry. I promise I never wanted to hurt anyone in my life." He had tears in his eyes and ran off. 


I finally saw my dad and right before I could have him hold me he was killed by a terrorist attack. I'm going to find out who did this if it's the last thing I do. I want this person dead and I want to be the one to kill them. And now I have a boy to find because apparently he might have some information that I could use. I kissed my dad's dog tags and looked up. I had hunger for revenge and hate in my eyes and that's all I'm feeling right now... Whoever you are I will find you and I will kill you. 

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