The Market Bombing

My entry to the competition for the boon "A Split Second." My version of how the bomb went off and how it all went down.


2. 2. Natalie

I wasn't supposed to tell anyone about the bomb, it wasn't against his rules. I saw one girl that looked like she was my age so I decided to give her hints and hope that she would save the day. She noticed me but the stupid guards dragged me out before I could fully tell her. She was in the area where everyone waited for their family members and friends that were in the army to return.


" WAIT! You have to hear me out! There is a bomb that is about to go off in that food court! You only have five minutes left!" They laughed, called me a lunatic, and walked back in. As soon as they were out of sight i snuck back in. I can't do this, I'm backing out of the plan. I took off running trying to beat that bomb and save those innocent people, that girl in particular.


I was telling everyone to run but every time I warned someone they would just look at me like I was crazy. I shook my head and continued to yell hoping that enough of them got out before the biggest mistake of my life takes place. I ran and ran until I saw her. Everyone was gone and she and her mother were still there looking sad because whoever they were waiting for never came. I snapped out of it and started running towards them, but right before I got there something surprising happened.

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