The Market Bombing

My entry to the competition for the boon "A Split Second." My version of how the bomb went off and how it all went down.


1. 1. Charlie

Everyone was calmly walking around and laughing just like any other day... Or so I thought.



"Mom, where is dad?!" My mom and I have been waiting for my dad at the market for the longest. They split up when I was four years old, and I'm seventeen now. My dad has been stationed in Afghanistan fighting for the past 13 years and he finally gets to come home. I've missed him so much. My mom may not show it, but deep down I know how much she still loves and cares for him, and so does he. 

My thoughts were interrupted by my mom. "Honey, I don't think he is-", "Stop Mom", I interrupted her. "Do not ruin my hopes for this moment!" She simply sighed, sat down next to me and held my hand. I looked towards her and saw someone behind her that caught my attention. He was standing with fear in his eyes. I couldn't really see his face because he had on a mask that covered everything except his eyes and mouth. He was waving and yelling something but he was mouthing it so nobody could hear. I shouted "What?!" but he just continued to yell this time where everyone could hear.


A security guard grabbed him and slung him out of the door before he could get all of his words out. The only words I could make out were run,save,5. I didn't know what that meant so I just sat by my mother again, waiting patiently for my father.  

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