My brother and i

Read but Beware


1. My Brother and Me

I am Brianna Joy McCall well, Brianna Joy Hemmings. Yes my brother is Lucas Hemmings from Five Seconds Of Summer. You would think people would be nice to me try to get close to my brother but they didn't yes I said didn't as in I don't go to school anymore I go to online school since I am in my last year of school. Luke jumped on my bed Drive me to school! God damn Luke you're seventeen do it yourself but my mates need a ride too, and if I take the car how will you go give dad his meds. God damn Luke you don't know? He rapes me that's why I come home with bruises and hand marks on my face and arms and everywhere else.thats why I don't go to fathers anymore . Wait ,does what? That fucking bastard. I got a call Brianna get your ass over here I need my meds I sighed I had to or he would get made and do much worse.

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