She's Not Afraid (Louis Tomlinson)

Hello! My name is Leslie Cruz! I have dirty blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and I'm short for my age. I'm also twenty-one year's old, and counting! I'm an only child, my mum is a fashion designer, and my dad is a CEO for a school supply company. Basically, I'm the child my parents never wanted.
I like to have fun, live life, you know? I like to sneak out, and have fun with my friends at ridiculous parties! Apparently, my parents aren't too fond of that. I'm living with my parents in Doncaster. So far, I have two jobs, and love working at both! I'm a tattoo artist, and I teach people how to kick box (I also do a bit of kick boxing, myself).
I don't have a boyfriend. What for? Just so they can use me, and hit the road? I don't think so! Besides, who wants to be in a relationship with a trouble making, funny, psycho like me? No one. At least, that's what I thought.


2. Chapter Two

   Half An Hour Later

   "And we are done." I said, finishing the teacup. I put down my machine, and offered a hand to help Louis up. He took it, and his much larger hand took my smaller one. I suddenly felt tingles spread through my body as our hands touched.

   'No, Leslie. Don't fall for him. Remember, boys are no good. He'll just use you, and leave you to crash into a million pieces.' I thought to myself. I led him to my tall, bright purple mirror, and let him see.

   "Wow. This is great. Thank you!" I smiled.

"No problem." I grabbed some wax paper, and put it on his chest so it could set.


"So, you boys can grab your things, and I'll be in the waiting room.... waiting." I laughed at how I said it.
"We'll meet you there." Harry said. I walked to the waiting room where Sasha was sitting down, and reading People's magazine. 

   "Hey, Les. Finally decided to get off your lazy butt?" She said. I laughed.
"Yeah. Hey, after I finish charging a customer can you and Brian close up for me? I wanna hit the gym."
"Sure. But you owe me!" I laughed. Sorry laughing is a usual for me; it makes me feel happier.
"OK." Just then Harry and Louis walked into the room.
"Ooh! Another Leslie tattoo! Can I see?" Louis nodded and pulled off his shirt. Sasha looked it over.
"You got to tattoo this beautiful body and you didn't tell me?" She yelled. Louis blushed.
"Aw, look. Mr. Flirts-A-Lot is blushing!" I pointed out. He blushed even more, and pulled on his shirt to hide it. I laughed, and Harry asked.

   "So how much is it?" I thought for a bit and finally said.
"Thirty dollars." 
"Wow, that's cheap." Harry said. I shrugged.
"I don't like to charge my customers too much." Louis handed me a fifty dollar bill.
"Keep the change." He winked at me, and left with Harry. I looked down at the bill to see he had written his phone number on it. I rolled my eyes, and scribbled out the number, and put the bill inside the cash register.

   "He likes you!" Sasha said. I rolled my eyes again.
"You know if you keep rolling your eyes like that, your eyeballs are going to pop out of your head." I laughed.
"Why don't you like him? He's pretty cute." I sighed.
"All through high school I was in love with a boy named Ryan. Geez, Ryan was everything to me. He really knew what to say and how to treat a girl right, y'know?" Sasha nodded and put her hand over mine as if urging me to continue.

   "We dated for three years. I thought I was this perfect girlfriend, I mean, at least I tried. I changed into a peppy, girly, snotty girl for him. I bought him things, I let him borrow my car, I let him borrow money, I showered him with nothing but love." I stopped, a tear rolling down my cheek.


   Ryan and I were dating for three years, and we had sex a week ago. Right now, I was in the bathroom looking at the stick saying it was positive. I was pregnant.

   I sighed, and sat down on the couch waiting for Ryan to come home. Suddenly, my phone buzzed, and it was a text from Brooke.

   From: Babes

   Sorry, Les. I thought you should know...

   Underneath the text was a picture of Ryan sucking another girl's face off. I froze at the picture. I decided to patiently wait for Ryan to get home, and ask him about it. Ten minutes later he walked in through the door.

   "Hey baby. You okay?" He asked, hugging me, and kissing my cheek. 
'No, he couldn't be. That can't be my Ryan. He's too sweet to do something like that to me.' I thought to myself.

   "Can I ask you a question?" I asked.
"You just did." He laughed. I laughed nervously to myself.
"You know what I mean." He laughed again.
"Shoot." I got out my phone and showed him the picture.
"What is this?" I asked. Ryan's eyes popped out, and he froze.
"It's... erm... it's... a picture?" He said, more like a question. I stood up quickly.
"So it's true!" I screamed.
"How long has this been going on?" He looked down at the ground, and played with his fingers.
"Two years..." 
"YOU JERK! TWO YEARS? HOW COULD YOU?" Ryan got up, and his blue eyes were now dark, and he suddenly seemed so much taller.

  "Don't you yell at me." He said darkly.
"OR WHAT?" He came close to me, and I backed up. He raised his hand to hit me but I grabbed a knife nearby, and made a slice across his arm. He held it in pain. He took the knife and sliced it across my stomach. Tear drops started spilling uncontrollably.

   "I should've never been with a slut like you. Worst three years of my life." And with that he left. I grabbed my phone, and called Brooke.

   "Hey, baby. You okay?" Brooke asked softly. I cringed at what she said, because Ryan had said the exact same thing.

   "Come over, and call the police, too." I said.
"What's wrong? Is everything alright?" 
"Just call the police, quick." Then, everything blacked out.

   Flashback Over

   I was full on sobbing now.

   "I remember the doctor telling me the baby died. It was the worst thing that could ever happen." 
"Sh," Sasha hugged me, trying to comfort me.
"It's OK. Why don't you just go home, and take a day off tomorrow, yeah?" I smiled, and nodded. I grabbed my purse and keys. I walked to the front door, and stopped before I walked out.

   "Sasha," She smiled.
"Thanks so much. You're a great friend." She nodded.
"Go get some rest." I nodded and walked out the door, rubbing my belly, which has become a habit now. (That's a picture of me)


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