She's Not Afraid (Louis Tomlinson)

Hello! My name is Leslie Cruz! I have dirty blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and I'm short for my age. I'm also twenty-one year's old, and counting! I'm an only child, my mum is a fashion designer, and my dad is a CEO for a school supply company. Basically, I'm the child my parents never wanted.
I like to have fun, live life, you know? I like to sneak out, and have fun with my friends at ridiculous parties! Apparently, my parents aren't too fond of that. I'm living with my parents in Doncaster. So far, I have two jobs, and love working at both! I'm a tattoo artist, and I teach people how to kick box (I also do a bit of kick boxing, myself).
I don't have a boyfriend. What for? Just so they can use me, and hit the road? I don't think so! Besides, who wants to be in a relationship with a trouble making, funny, psycho like me? No one. At least, that's what I thought.


12. Chapter Twelve

I heard a soft knock on my door.


"Leslie, can I come in?" I smiled as I heard the sweet voice of Bailey, another one of our cleaning ladies. She had been gone for a year because she had just had a baby. She was a pretty young cleaning lady if you ask me. I got up and unlocked the door and sat back down on my bed.


"Come in," The door opened and I was greeted with the beautiful lady. She was around her mid twenties, had long brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a small, petite, but slim, body, and on top of that, she was sweet, nice, hilarious,  and she had a beautiful smile. No wonder her husband loved her. If I was a man, she'd definitely be my crush. OK, that was weird. She sat down on my bed with me.


"Bailey, I missed you so much!" I hugged her as she laughed. Bailey was like my older, best friend who would give me great advice. We then pulled away.


"How's the baby?"

"She's a girl and her name is beautiful." She smiled at me. After a long pause, I couldn't take it anymore.


"Well, what's her name?" Her smile got bigger and she whispered to me,

"Isabelle. Her name is Isabelle." My eyes got wide. Right after the baby died, I told Bailey I wanted to name her Isabelle. She named her little girl Isabelle. It was incredible. It felt incredible. A single tear rolled down my cheek and I hugged her tightly as a wide smile made its way across my face.


"Thank you. Thank you so much." She pulled away and wiped the tears off my face.

"Don't cry. Pretty, tough girls like you aren't supposed to cry." I laughed and stopped crying. Bailey grabbed my laptop and looked at it.


"What are you looking at?" She asked as I sighed.

"Houses. My parents are kicking me out." She laughed.

"Finally kicking you out? I knew this day would come. But I thought it would be much earlier." I laughed again.


"Yeah, but I just can't find the perfect house." She shut down my laptop.

"My husband has a friend's who's selling a house. It's beautiful."

"Really? How much?" She shook her head.

"Not much. He wants somewhere around fifteen hundred to two thousand." My eyes widened.

"That's cheap, there must be something bad about it."

"Nope. He just wants to get rid of the house really badly. Something about going to live in Hawaii soon." She grabbed a marker on my desk with a notebook and quickly scribbled something.


"Here's his number. I have to go, though. I only got my babysitter to take care of Isabelle for an hour. Can't find the best babysitters these days." She got up to leave when an idea popped into my head.


"How about I babysit Isabelle?" She smiled wide.


"Yeah, just call me whenever you need me to!" She nodded her head.

"OK, thanks, Leslie." I gave her a small wave and slowly looked over the phone number. I picked up my black iPhone, and dialed the number. I pressed the call button. The phone rang.


"Hello?" A deep, British, sweet accent rang. It sounded familiar. Almost too familiar. Then it came to me. I'm screwed

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