She's Not Afraid (Louis Tomlinson)

Hello! My name is Leslie Cruz! I have dirty blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and I'm short for my age. I'm also twenty-one year's old, and counting! I'm an only child, my mum is a fashion designer, and my dad is a CEO for a school supply company. Basically, I'm the child my parents never wanted.
I like to have fun, live life, you know? I like to sneak out, and have fun with my friends at ridiculous parties! Apparently, my parents aren't too fond of that. I'm living with my parents in Doncaster. So far, I have two jobs, and love working at both! I'm a tattoo artist, and I teach people how to kick box (I also do a bit of kick boxing, myself).
I don't have a boyfriend. What for? Just so they can use me, and hit the road? I don't think so! Besides, who wants to be in a relationship with a trouble making, funny, psycho like me? No one. At least, that's what I thought.


3. Chapter Three

"I'M HOME!" I yelled as I walked in. It was quiet. Completely quiet. 

"Hey, I'm home early! I get the house to myself." I muttered to myself.

"Well what am I supposed to do?" I got out my phone and called my Mum at work.

"Hello, my name is Stacy, and you're calling Mrs. Cruz's designer company. How can I help you?" I plopped down on the couch and turned on the Tv.


"Hey, I wanna speak to Deliah."

"Do you have an appointment with Mrs. Cruz?" Gosh, her voice was so annoying. She was faking it, I could tell.


"Call her Deliah. And no, I don't have an appointment with her, but I'm Leslie, her daughter, and I wanna talk to her.


"I'm sorry, but she's in an important meeting right now." I rolled my eyes.

"You can cut the act out, love. I'm her daughter, and I need to talk to her now." The lady groaned. I smirked at how I finally got her to break.


"Fine, just hold." Soon my Mum was talking on the phone.

"Hello, this is Mrs. Cruz, how can I help you?"

"Hey Mum, it's Leslie. What's up with the whole 'Mrs. Cruz' thing? Why not just Deliah or Mum?"

"Leslie, what is so important that you have to interrupt me at work?"

"Well, you said to be back by two thirty. I decided to listen this time, and no one's here. Not even R, where is everyone?" My Mum sighed.


"Rhonny has his anniversary, so he took a week off to spend time with his wife, Maria has a family emergency, your dad is on a business trip, and I gave the rest of the workers the day off." I groaned.


"Well, then what am I supposed to do?"

"I don't know. Listen, sweet heart, I have to go. I won't be back until tomorrow morning, love you." I hung up and looked around the house.


"Well Leslie, it's me, myself, and I." I talked to myself. I got up and went to the kitchen.

"Bananas, bananas, bananas." I grabbed a banana and went up to my bedroom.

"What now?" I grabbed my phone and looked through my contacts.

"Mum, Dad, Rhonny, Maria, Brian, Sasha, Tim." I stopped at Brooke's contact.

"That's it, I'll call Brooke!" At the third ring, she answered.

"Hey Les!"

"Come over, I'm bored, and I have the house to myself.

"I'll be there in fifteen with ice cream, love you.

"Love you too." I hung up and went to my closet. I put on my green tank top with my green M&M shorts. I brushed my hair out and put it into a messy bun. I walked out and saw Brooke on my bed, eating some ice cream, and watching Tv.


"Hey, how did you get in here?" I asked, sitting next to her.

"You never lock your back door." She said, giving me a spoon.

"True." She left the Tv on SpongeBob, and turned to look at me.

"I have a surprise." She smiled. I raised an eyebrow.

"If this is another one of your blind dates I am not going."

"No, you know Nate?" I nodded my head.

"The dude who's obsessed with you right?"

"Yeah, well, his friend owns a famous club and I got him to give me two passes for all night."


"Really? How?" Brooke looked down at the bed.

"Only if I went on one date with Nate..." I wiggled my eyebrows, and she laughed.

"How did it go?"

"HORRID!" I laughed.

"So when do we have to go?"

"Tonight." My eyes popped out.

"Wait-you're serious? I still have to get ready!"

"I know. Hey, can I borrow one of your dresses?" I nodded and got up so I could get ready. I took a quick shower since I smelt like ink, and I had tear stained cheeks. After, I got changed into my favorite outfit. Brooke did my hair, because she knew how to do it better.


"How do I look?" Brooke asked.

"Damn, girl! You better go change! Boys are gonna be all over you tonight! She laughed.

"Thanks, you're looking pretty hot yourself." She winked at me. I laughed and grabbed my bag.

"I'll meet you in the car." Brooke said, and left. I looked through my drawers and took out two pills. Right, something I forgot to mention. I have Schizophrenia, which means I have different personalities, and sometimes they could get out of hand so I have to take two pills everyday to make sure I don't go crazy, or hurt someone. I locked the front door and got in the driver's seat of the car.


"Ready to have fun?" Brooke asked excitedly.

"Aren't I always?" I asked with a smirk, and started the car. Tonight is going to be a fun night.

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