She's Not Afraid (Louis Tomlinson)

Hello! My name is Leslie Cruz! I have dirty blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and I'm short for my age. I'm also twenty-one year's old, and counting! I'm an only child, my mum is a fashion designer, and my dad is a CEO for a school supply company. Basically, I'm the child my parents never wanted.
I like to have fun, live life, you know? I like to sneak out, and have fun with my friends at ridiculous parties! Apparently, my parents aren't too fond of that. I'm living with my parents in Doncaster. So far, I have two jobs, and love working at both! I'm a tattoo artist, and I teach people how to kick box (I also do a bit of kick boxing, myself).
I don't have a boyfriend. What for? Just so they can use me, and hit the road? I don't think so! Besides, who wants to be in a relationship with a trouble making, funny, psycho like me? No one. At least, that's what I thought.


6. Chapter Six

"Leslie, darling, wake up." I heard  Mum say.

"Come on, Leslie. We're going out to breakfast." First, I thought she was talking to me from outside my room, until I felt her gently shake me. My eyes shot open and I sat straight up in bed. Mum took a step back and looked at me.

"Are you OK? You seem a bit startled." I looked around for Buddy. He was no where in sight.

"Erm, yeah, perfect.

"Get up, we're going to the Country Club for breakfast. Then, your father wants to take you shopping for a dress." I gave her a questioning look.


"OK, whatever. Just get out. Shoo! I have to change." I shooed her out my door.

"Be down in thirty minutes!" She yelled.

"Whatever!" looked around some more.

"Buddy!" I whispered.

"Buddy, where are you?" I heard a soft woof.

"Can you bark again?"

"Woof." It was a bit louder this time and it came from my closet this time. I opened the door and saw Buddy hiding in my dirty clothes. He ran up to me and licked me.


"You're a really smart dog, you know that?" I laughed.

"OK, OK, I have to change." I pushed him off me and got up. I put on my outfit. I curled my hair and let it loose. I put on some lip gloss and looked down at Buddy.


"I'll be right back with some food." I walked down stairs on my parents talking to each other.

"Oh no. You guys look serious and you're talking. That's never good." I said, looking through the refrigerator.


"Your Dad and I were talking, and we think you should move out and into your own apartment." Mum said, smiling. I pulled out some left over bacon and looked at Mum, giggling.

"Me? In an apartment? All by myself, with no one watching over me? I'll end up in jail in a week!" I said, laughing.


"That's why we're kicking you out! So you can learn to be mature!" Dad said. I looked at him wide eyed.


"Mature? Don't you like me the way I am?" I asked.

"Of course we do, sweetie! We just think that sometimes you can be a little... on the childish side." Mum said.


"Of course I'm on the childish side! I've never been mature! Why do you expect me to be mature now?" By this time, I was angry. Very angry. They always say how I'm never mature, and how I should learn to grow up.


"Now, young lady, there is no need to use that kind of tone!" Dad said. I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever. I know I'm not the child you've always wanted, and I'm proud of not being that girl. Then, I'd just be a snotty, boring, girl who's obsessed with clothes and make up. Guess what? I'd rather be left in a bloody hole, than be that kind of girl. I'm not going to breakfast." I got the bacon and went up to my room, leaving my parents speechless. I locked the door.


"Buddy." He came and I gave him the bacon. I sighed and put Buddy in my closet with some more bacon and water.


"I'll be back later, bye." He wagged his tail and I grabbed my phone. I climbed out my window and down my roof. My stomach grumbled.


"I think we should head somewhere to eat." I said to myself. I walked to my favorite café.  I walked to the front door.


"Hello, beautiful, what can I get you today?" The guy at the counter asked me. I have to admit, he was pretty cute, but I'm not one to just give my number out to random strangers.


"I'll have a coffee and a blueberry muffin."

"I'll have that to you in a second." He winked at me. I rolled my eyes and sat in one of the booths. A few minutes later, he came to me and gave me my food.


"There you go. Here's my number."

'OK, since he won't go away, then I guess I'll have to make him.' I thought to myself. I looked at him and smiled. I kept smiling, looking down at him as if I was checking him out, until I reached his 'baby meaning area'. I stopped, then made a face. The guy looked at me confused. Then, I giggled a little. I coughed and tried to make a straight face.


"Erm, yeah. Sure." I giggled again.

"Yeah, I'll call you." I got up and started laughing as I walked out, leaving the guy embarrassed. I walked to the park across and sat on the grass looking up at the sky. I sighed.


"Why can't I have a normal life with normal parents?" I asked myself.

"Because then you'd be normal, Leslie. You should be thankful for being alive. I answered myself.

"My parents can at least like me for who I am." I heard a cough, and turned around to see Louis. Again.


"Sorry to interrupt your conversation with yourself, but I was wondering if I could sit with you?" I laughed.


"You sound like a junior high boy who's lost in love with a girl." He sat down next to me and patted my back.


"Hush, child, hush." I laughed again.

"What are you doing here? You seem to be stalking me everywhere I go." He chuckled.

"I guess fate wants us to be together." He winked. I laughed and pushed him playfully.

"Shut up! Besides, I don't think I'm ready yet." I said shyly.

"Wanna talk about it?"

"Nope." I said, stretching it out. He laughed.

"Well I'm here when you want to." I smiled. It was nice, having someone actually care for once. Maybe I could give him a chance, you know?


"Thanks." I smiled. He lied down next to me and we watched the sky for about five minutes, before I decided to talk.


"This is boring, wanna go for a walk, or something?" He turned to look at me.

"Finally! I've been waiting for you to agree to hang out with me!" He exclaimed, over dramatically. I laughed and pushed myself up. I offered him a hand and he took it, then I felt it again. The sparks I felt at Splash!, it was there again.


"Where first?" He asked.

"Well first, we have to walk to my house to get my pills." I started walking with him.

"What for? I have Schizophrenia, and if I don't take them, it tends to get out of hand."

"That explains you talking to yourself. I thought you were just plain psycho." I laughed and shoved him.




"So, basically we're sneaking in through my window because my parents can not see you, got it?" He nodded. We climbed in and he sat on my bed while I looked for my pills. 


"Your room's pretty cool." He said, referring to the red and black walls, my tall blue mirror, the blue dresser, red bed, and my black couch covered in different colored paint.



"I'm just going to check on her." I heard Dad say. I mumbled some curse words under my breath.  


"Hide in the closet!" I said, pushing Louis inside my walk in closet and closing the door. That should be my new hiding place considering I hide food, money, a dog, and a live body! I heard some footsteps and the door opened.


"Don't you know how to knock?" I asked with a lot of attitude.

"Love, I know I made a stupid mistake and you have every right to be mad." He started.

"Yeah, I do." I said, looking in my purse.

"You will be moving out. You're nineteen, most girls are already in their own house with their own boyfriend." I stopped and turned to look at him.


"Of course you want me to be like most girls. I was never good enough for this family." I put a hand on my hip.


"I never said tha-" I cut him off.

"Whatever, I don't care anymore." He sighed.

"Can you at least go buy yourself a new dress and be home and ready by five o'clock? Some people are coming over tonight." He handed me his credit card.


'Just do him this one favor, Leslie.' I thought.

"Fine, only.." I thought and smirked. Louis looked like a guy to have fun while it was boring. Maybe, I could bring him with me.


"Only if I can bring a friend." He nodded.

"I'll be back by three thirty, four o'clock." Dad smiled and walked out the door. I waited a few seconds before opening the door for Louis.


"Why is there a dog in there?" He asked. I put a finger to my lips.

"Ssh, he's a secret." He laughed.

"I can't believe I lost my pills!" I said, looking around. Louis picked up a bottle.

"You mean these?"

"Yes! Where'd you find them?" He pointed to my bedside table which held nothing but a cup of water.


"Oh." I laughed and took two pills.

"Now where?" He asked.

"Now, we are going to the mall." I grabbed his hand and led him out my window. I felt the tingles again. I got to stop holding his hand!


"Come on, we'll take Mum's car." I got the keys from under a knome and ran to Mum's black sports car. She's always loved those cars.


"Come on, slow poke! Hurry up!" I yelled. He laughed and jogged to the passenger seat.


At The Mall


We walked in the mall until I finally found one of the fanciest stores I've ever seen.


"This place is too dull for my type." I said, looking around. Louis nodded. We picked around fifteen dresses, which I tried on.


"It's no use, Louis. These aren't my type!" I yelled through the closed dressing room door. I heard some shuffling and I saw a hand give me a dress over the door.


"Try this on." I sighed and stripped down. I tried on the dress and looked in the mirror. It was beautiful. Almost too beautiful.


"Are you going to come out?" I snapped back into reality.

"No." I squeaked. I heard him laugh and imagined that beautiful smile he always had. Snap out of it, Leslie!


"Come on, Les. Get out, I want to see." I sighed and opened the door. I looked at the floor before looking up. I saw him freeze.


"It's horrible, isn't it?" I asked. He shook his head.

"No... actually... it's.. it's gorgeous." I blushed.

"I'm going to change back into real clothes." I went in and changed back into my outfit. When I walked out I saw Louis paying at the register.


'What the hell? That's what Dad's credit card is for!' I thought. He came walking back.

"Louis! You're not supposed to pay! That's why my parents work! So I can buy stuff with their money! You're not supposed to pay for me!" I said and he laughed.


"Don't worry, it's not that big of a deal." I sighed. We walked around the mall some more.

"So what's this dress for anyways?"

"Some important guy is coming over tonight and my Dad wants me to wear a dress." He laughed.

"That is going to be so boring!" I laughed.

"That's why you're coming." He stopped laughing.

"I'm coming?"

"Yep, and this time, I'm paying!" He laughed and nodded as we walked into another store. After fifteen minutes, we finally got him a red and white striped shirt and some dress pants.


"You can drop me of at my house and I'll head over to your's when I'm done getting ready." I nodded as we got in the car.


"Just use the front door this time." I dropped Louis off at his house and headed to mine. I pulled into the driveway and turned off the car. I tilted my head back and sighed.


"How is it possible? I didn't want to be near him yesterday, but now I'm inviting him to dinner." I said to myself. I shook my head and walked into my front door before I flooded myself with stupid questions. I grabbed a banana and a hot dog and went up stairs to my room.


"Buddy." He walked over to me and I gave him a hot dog. I quickly ate my banana and took a quick shower. I got out and changed into my dress, straightened my hair, and put on flats. It's going to be a long night.


"Leslie, can you get the door please?" Mum called out. I put Buddy in my closet before I climbed downstairs and opened the door. I saw Louis at the door.


"Come in." I opened the door wider and let him in.

"You look stunning." He said, smiling. I blushed.

"You don't look too bad yourself."

"Who's at the door?" Mum walked in, putting on one of her earrings.

"Mum, this is my friend Louis, Louis, this is my mum."

"Hello, you can call me Deliah." Mum said as Louis shook her hand. I threw my hands in the air.

"Oh, sure! Now she's Deliah!" I said over dramatically.

"Leslie, you better not be acting like that when the guest comes over!"

"Whatever. Come on, Louis." I took his hand and led him to the kitchen.

"I can see why your parents don't like you now." I laughed and grabbed a piece of meat from the refrigerator. I grabbed his hand and pulled him up the stairs.


"Mum! We'll be upstairs! Call us when the people come over!"

"Buddy, come here, Buddy." I called, opening the closet door. He ran out and I gave him the piece of meat.


"You never explained to me why you're hiding a dog in your closet." Louis sat on my bed. I went up to my mirror and put on a bit of make up. Gosh, I hate make up.


"I found him." I simply said. He laughed.

"You say that like it's an every day thing." I laughed a little and looked for my lip gloss.

"What do you expect from me? I'm completely nuts."

"Leslie, Mr. Dixon should be here in a few minutes." Dad said, barging in again.

"Once again Dad, there's this thing, I'm sure you're familiar with it. It's called knocking." Dad rolled his eyes.


"Who is this?" Dad asked, looking at Louis.

"Dad, this is Louis, Louis, this is my dad who apparently has no idea whatsoever how to knock." Louis stuck out a hand for him to shake.


"I'm Mr. Cruz, be down in a few minutes." He left without shaking Louis' hand.

"Sorry about that. My mum wants me to be in a relationship and my dad does too, he just doesn't trust boys." I said, finishing my make up.


"It's fine."

"Come on, let's go downstairs. Here comes the longest boringest dinner ever." Louis laughed as we walked downstairs.


"Boringest isn't even a word."

"Well it is now." I sat down and Louis sat down next to me. I heard the familiar ring of the door bell. Dad instantly got up and pointed a finger at me.


"On your best behavior!"

"I don't think I have one!" I called after him. He glared at me and opened the door.

"Mr. Dixon, please come in!"

"That's probably the first cheery voice I've heard from him in two years!" Louis snickered. Then a tall man wearing a suit walked into the dining room. He was tall, had short black hair, a small mustache, and was probably around his mid thirties.


"Hello, my name is Mr. Dixon and you must be Leslie." He said in an American accent.

"Finally! Another person with an American accent! I've waited my whole life for this! Call me Les!" I said super over dramatically, shaking his hand furiously.


'This is payback for all those years of saying that I was the child you never wanted.' I thought. He looked a bit surprised.


"Please excuse my daughter's behavior. She's not the best child right now!" Dad said. I raised an eyebrow.


'Oh, really? OK, then. How about I push it to the extreme?' I thought with a smirk.

"What do you mean, Daddy? Are you saying I'm being a bad girl?" I said, pretending to cry a bit. I saw Louis try to hold in a laugh from the corner of my eye.


"Leslie!" Mum exclaimed.

"Yes?" I asked. Dad buried his face in his hands and I giggled a bit.


Skipping Dinner


By now, I was acting crazier than usual. Let's just say I skipped my afternoon and night pill just so I could embarrass my parents.


"I must say, Leslie, you're a very pretty young lady. Have you ever considered modeling?" Mr. Dixon asked. Mum and Dad's ears perked up as if they were dogs.


"Actually no. Modeling is for stuck up, snotty, girls who are full of themselves. I am not that kind of girl." He raised an eyebrow.


"Well if you ever change your mind, here's my number." He gave me a card.

"I don't think I'll be needing this." I slid it back to him.

"Just take it."

"But I don't need it."

"She'll take it!" Mum grabbed the card and gave it to me. I sighed and grabbed it.

"Well, Mr. and Mrs. Cruz, as much as I would love to stay I have to head home to my beautiful wife." Mr. Dixon stood up.


"Is she as beautiful as my best friend Taco?" 

"Sure." He muttered. Dad escorted him out the door. When Dad came back he pointed a finger at me.


"We are having a talk about this later!" I pointed a finger back at him.

"What is it with you and pointing? Don't you know it's impolite to point?" He got up and left to his bedroom. Louis and I laughed.


"I think I have to head home too. I have to drive my little sister to her friend's house for a sleepover." I nodded my head and walked him to his car.


"Bye, Deliah!" He called. I laughed.

"Thanks, Louis, for spending a boring dinner with me and buying me this dress." I said as we walked outside my house.


"No problem, you look stunning in it anyways." I blushed and looked down so I could hide it. I felt his finger lightly pick my chin up.


"Why do you look at the floor when you blush?" He asked looking me in the eyes. I shrugged my shoulders. He chuckled a bit. There it is, that smile. That smile that lights up this whole world. I looked at his bluish green eyes. They were beautiful. I saw happiness, silly, funny, anything and everything that involves being happy. Now, we were both looking into each other's eyes, silence filling everywhere. Only the sound of owls hooting. Before you knew, it he was leaning in. I didn't even think, I just leaned in too.


Our lips crashed. His lips were soft. Our lips molded into each other, moving in sync, something I haven't felt in years. Only this time, it was better. Ryan never kissed me so passionately, so caring, and filled with love. It felt amazing. It actually felt like he cared, like he loved me. Something I've missed for so long. His hands made their way to my cheeks, cupping my face, deepening the kiss. My hands found his soft hair I've wanted to touch since the first day I saw him.


Now, I could go on and on about how amazing the kiss was, but then we'd be sitting here reading this chapter for days. We pulled apart, in desperate need of air. We both smiled madly at each other like idiots.


"Leslie, you have no idea how long I've wanted to do that." He smiles.

"I'm glad you did." What was I doing? I wasn't supposed to be falling for him! It seemed like my heart was in control now. Now, I was saying and doing whatever my heart wanted to. After a minute of silence he opened his mouth to say something before Mum yelled.


"Leslie! Are you OK out there?" I sighed and Louis chuckled.

"Erm, I should probably go back inside." He nodded.

"I'll call you." He replied. I smiled and watched him leave. As soon as he did, I ran inside the house, upstairs to my room. I closed and locked the door, sliding down and onto the floor.


"What have I done?"

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