She's Not Afraid (Louis Tomlinson)

Hello! My name is Leslie Cruz! I have dirty blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and I'm short for my age. I'm also twenty-one year's old, and counting! I'm an only child, my mum is a fashion designer, and my dad is a CEO for a school supply company. Basically, I'm the child my parents never wanted.
I like to have fun, live life, you know? I like to sneak out, and have fun with my friends at ridiculous parties! Apparently, my parents aren't too fond of that. I'm living with my parents in Doncaster. So far, I have two jobs, and love working at both! I'm a tattoo artist, and I teach people how to kick box (I also do a bit of kick boxing, myself).
I don't have a boyfriend. What for? Just so they can use me, and hit the road? I don't think so! Besides, who wants to be in a relationship with a trouble making, funny, psycho like me? No one. At least, that's what I thought.


11. Chapter Eleven

The next morning, I woke up and my back hurt like hell. I got up only to be pulled back down by two strong arms. Oh, right. I almost forgot. I'm stuck with this guy. I turned and looked at Louis. He looked so peaceful, and he had bed hair. Light, soft snores escaped his mouth. I laughed and tried to wriggle out of his grip.


"No, stay." He grumbled. I laughed.

"If you haven't noticed, Louis, we've been gone all night, I'm starving, and I'm only wearing my panties and bra, so this is kind of awkward." I heard a soft chuckle and he let go.


"Thank you." I sang. I quickly put my outfit back on and shook Louis awake.

"Fine, I'm up." He said once I threatened to spill water on him. He got dressed too and we made our way back to his flat. He opened the door.


"WE'RE HERE!" I screamed.

"In the kitchen!" I heard a soft yell come from Brooke.

"I'm going to go change, OK?" Louis asked. I nodded my head and opened the door to see Brooke and Harry. I instantly covered my eyes.


"THE HORROR! I'M GOING TO DIE!" I screeched. Brooke laughed.

"We weren't doing anything, Les." I covered my eyes with one hand and pointed at them with the other.


"I just saw you kissing!" Harry chuckled. I uncovered my eyes, only to see Brooke wearing Harry's shirt with no pants and Harry wearing boxers and no shirt. I sat at the table.


"Well, now that I've heard your horrid noises, seen you kissing, and seen you two half naked, I think my innocence is completely destroyed."   


"Shut up and eat this." Brooke said and gave me a bagel with cream cheese and a cup of orange juice.


"Thanks." Harry sat down in front of me with Brooke on his lap.

'Wouldn't that be awkward? Gross.'   

"By the way, we loved your letter." He said. I rolled my eyes.

"I know. It was amazing wasn't it?" Brooke laughed and nodded her head. I got up and walked towards the front door.


"Well I'm going for a walk in the woods, alright?" 

"Sure. I'll come looking for you in about twenty minutes!" Brooke called out as I left.

"OK!" I walked out the door and saw the woods Louis and I were about to walk into last night. You see, when you go to the woods in the day, it's beautiful and peaceful and you just feel happiness, but when you go to the woods at night, you feel like someone's going to come and kill you' Big difference. I walked deeper into the woods and there were big trees and birds chirping. I laughed as I saw two birds chirping at each other, like if they were an old married couple having another argument.


"So, Leslie, you're moving out, huh?" I said to myself.

"Yeah, I guess." I answered myself.

"The whole point of living with your parents was so you could sneak out to make them angry!" I laughed.


"Yeah, well I guess those days are over for me." I suddenly felt two arms wrap around my waist and a voice speak.


"Talking to yourself again?" I jumped in shock and turned around to see Louis.

"Lou, you scared me! I thought you were some elephant guard getting ready to take me to the Batcave and eat me, or something." He laughed and gently pecked my lips.


"Brooke sent me to come and get you." He grabbed my hand and we walked back to the flat.

"Still doesn't mean you can give me a heart attack!" He laughed.

"Sorry," We walked in and I saw Brooke sitting on the couch. As soon as she saw we were holding hands she smiled. I pulled away and blushed.


"Ready to go?" She asked, getting up. I nodded and watched as Harry pecked her cheek and they hugged. Louis looked at me.


"Bye," He hugged me and kissed the top of my head. I blushed and Brooke and I walked out the door.


"WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT?" Brooke yelled in excitement as we got in the car. I backed out of the driveway.


"What was what about?" She laughed.

"Don't play dumb with me, I saw that."

"Saw what?" She looked at me.

"Les, I'm not stupid, you know? I saw you holding hands, and kiss on the head, and the hug. Are you guys together?" I blushed and tried to brush it off, miserably failing. My cheeks were a bright red.


"Its true! You guys are perfect for each other! Oh my gosh, I can hear the wedding bells." I laughed.


"Shut up. You and Harry were sure getting along. You know, spending the night in his room, and all." I smirked at her and winked. Her whole face turned bright red and I started laughing. Soon, we pulled up to my house.


"Stay here." I told her.

"Yes, mother!" She called after me. I rolled my eyes and decided to finally use the front door.

"I'm home!" I called as I walked in. I grabbed a banana and started to make my way upstairs when I heard that terrifying, booming, deep, British voice.


"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" I stopped at the top of the stairs and turned around to see my father.

"Where do you think I've been?" Like I said before, if I'm the child he never wanted. Might as well act more like it, right?



"Calm down. I just had a small sleepover with some friends." I smirked as I thought of last night.



"You know, I never thought I'd here this from my own dad. I know I'm not perfect, I'm not a supermodel, or a doctor, or a lawyer, or something useful. But that's what makes me me. I actually have a job, I actually try to be successful, but every time I even try to talk to my parents about professional kick boxing, or becoming a professional tattoo artist, they always put me down because it's not something they want me to be. I'm so tired of you wishing what I should be, instead of accepting me for who I am. I can't wait 'til I move out and I'm out of your lives." Dad seemed shocked as I ran upstairs and slammed my door. I few tears slipped out of my eyes.


"Don't cry, Leslie. You're a strong, beautiful, happy, girl who knows how to deal with these problems. Don't you dare cry." I whispered to myself. I walked over to my closet and quickly changed into some pajamas. I got out my phone and called Brooke.


"What's taking you so long?" I sat down on my bed.

"You go ahead and go home. I'm going to stay here today. Have some things to look for." I grabbed my brush and brushed out my hair. Brooke sighed.


"OK, if you need anything, and I mean anything, even if it's just a piece of floss, I'm right here. Call me if you need help, or something." I smiled.


"Thanks, babes. Love you." I hung up before she could answer and grabbed my white laptop. I opened up the internet and typed in the search bar.

'Houses for sale in Doncaster, South Yorkshire'

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