I Trusted You ..

what happens when the two biggest teen heart throbs faith webb and justin bieber cross eachother's path and faith comes across them ? ( get it faith ? lol) but they find out they have to date just for a publicity act. will one another fall for eachother ? or end in a chaos ? dun dun dun !!!


2. Meeting .

it is currently 5 a. m and let me tell you i am NOT a morning person , i am on my way to an important meeting with my manager amanda to discuss something important with scooter braun . i think that is his name ? i dont know its too early to function 


* arriving *

amanda and scooter are waiting for me and the bieber kid ? i've heard about him but i dont really care . 


( A is for amanda , S is for scooter , J is for justin F is for faith ) 


 A : hello sleepy head . 

F: morning so what is that we are discussing about ? 

S: well as you know you and justin are the two biggest teen heart throbs and pop sensation . people expect something out of it . 

F/J : im not liking where this is heading to ...

S : you guys have to date for publicity and dont worry not for long its just so we can blow over the jelena drama . 

( yes justin and selena broke up in the story ) 

F : WHAT ! i cant do that its not right i mean yeah its fine and all but dont you think its a little over the top maybe ? why me like really ?!!!!? 

J: yeah i agree with faith i mean cmon scoot . i just got out of the relationship its too soon . dont get me wrong faith is the hottest out there but its wayy tooo soon . 

A/S : deal is a deal it will be fine just trust us . it will be over before you guys know it . then you guys go your own separate ways . 

F: i mean i guess its okay , wont hurt any one . 

J : fine its not that bad i guess . 

A & S : Fantastic good luck Jaith (;


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