I Trusted You ..

what happens when the two biggest teen heart throbs faith webb and justin bieber cross eachother's path and faith comes across them ? ( get it faith ? lol) but they find out they have to date just for a publicity act. will one another fall for eachother ? or end in a chaos ? dun dun dun !!!


1. Intro


Faith 's pov : 

hello my name is faith webb . yes the teen pop sensation , model , actress faith webb . I am 5'4 with green eyes , brown long hair , skinny figure , . you may think i sound cocky and stuck up well im not im just a normal 17 year old that just wants a normal life . i am very humble i stick to being  independent since i have those people to bring me down i only have one best friend shes a model just like me her name is mariah jakes . My parents are also into the acting buisness but i rarely seen them due to them traveling , well that is all (:




Justin pov :

well hello my name is justin bieber as you know yes the teen pop sensation . im just a normal teen trying to live a normal life but that cant really happen . you may heard a lot of negativity but that doesnt stop my beliebers believing in me , i love them for that . i am currently in a complicated relationship with selena . i love her but its too much . well this is it . bye  

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