I Trusted You ..

what happens when the two biggest teen heart throbs faith webb and justin bieber cross eachother's path and faith comes across them ? ( get it faith ? lol) but they find out they have to date just for a publicity act. will one another fall for eachother ? or end in a chaos ? dun dun dun !!!


3. fay <3

Justins POV :

when i saw faith webb walk through the door i felt like a little kid in a candy store (heaven ) she was so beautiful no one can compare to her . she had the body figure , the way her hair swiftly moved , her emerald green eyes , her attractive smile , and the dimples she had . icing on the cake . im soo glad we are dating although not really but its the same thing . but i really want her to be mine i need to make her mine . im not letting go without a fight . 


Faiths Pov : 

that bieber kid is very attractive yet there something about him that gives me butterflies i dont know if its his caramel brown eyes , or that beautiful smile of his , and his quiffed hair . snap out of faith pull yourself together . hes just amazing ive never felt like it before who knew just one simple meeting can turn into something else . 


justin pov : 

hey faith since we have to start dating now , is it fine that i can have your phone number just in case you know . she smiled . ofcourse justin here its 555-8989 . thanks faith see you soon .i dont know whether to txt her now or is it too soon ? damn it justin what happened to the confident one ? forget it ill text her .


to Faith <3 

hey fay its justin (:


to Jay (: <3

heey jay (: whats up .


to faith <3

nothing much just bored ,i like the name jay , its se-cute (; 


to jay <3

aha nice bieber , and yeah se-cute (; hey ill text you tomorrow maybe we can just hangout and get to know eachother so it wont be so awkward . lol


to faith <3

ofcourse , go get your beauty sleep goodnight babe :* 


justin pov 

jay . jay . jay its just amazing hopefully we hangout i want to spend time with her <3 

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