The Misfits Of Bakerstreet

"We are the ones Mr. Holmes calls when he can't sneak that far. We are the ones he calls when he can't do it. We are the Homeless Network. We are the Bakerstreet Irregulars."
That was what I was told, but what I was not told about was the thieves, murderers, and monsters (oh my!!) and now I've been dragged in it. Then there's the totally different and equally difficult Mr. Sherlock Holmes. How will I ever survive this?


3. The Game Is On

They dragged me down empty allies, their grimy bare feet slapping against the sidewalk in an unknown rhythm. They whispered in hushed voices without turning to me, their dropped voices getting more and more urgent.

"I'm telling you, she is not going to like it!" Tony said loudly, before turning to me and giving me a look.

"Who isn't going to like what?" I asked him, but he stayed silent and continued walking. I could guess it had something to do with me. I gave a small sigh and jogged to catch up to their pace. Well, whoever 'she' is will have to learn to deal, I have a date with a place to sleep and some beautifully smelling biscuits.

The sky began to darken as we approached a small, abandoned apartment. I felt a small raindrop fall on my nose as they walked past the boarded up door and walked around the side of the building.

"It seems like they would have torn this down by now," I observed as they waded in the trash and junk and moved a piece of wood to the side.

"Yeah well, Mr.'Olmes promised not to let that happen." Nathan mumbled, lifting up a blue tarp and revealing a small hole- one that only teenagers and kids could probably fit into. Tony nodded towards it as if to say 'go on' while Nathan held the cover back, looking towards the vacant street like a whole crowd was about to rush towards us out of nowhere. I ducked in, my knees scraping against the concrete flooring of the place, but as I looked up I smiled. I could see no piece of the dark, rain filled sky. It was a roof, and one to sleep under.

"What?" Tony asked as he scooted through, seeing the look on my face.

"It's a roof!" I exclaimed. Tony stared at me for a minute.

"Yessss..." He said slowly, in a tone used for talking to toddlers. "It is, in fact, a roof. Most buildings have them." I ignored his sarcasm and gave him an excited smile. He rolled his eyes, flipping his green bangs out of his eyes.

"Girls," he muttered. I opened my mouth but was interrupted by a strong beam from a torch.

"Where'd you get that?" I breathed. I hadn't seen one in forever.

"Doesn't matter," Nathan said, tossing me it. "Keep it, you'll need it. We have LOADS." I turned mine off and shoved it into my belt loop as Tony grabbed his out of his pocket and flipped in on. Why would they have tons of flashlights? I shrugged. He was right, it didn't really matter. They slowly went through the hallways, pointing things out to me as we went.

"And that's the bathroom," one of them said. "But don't flush." I wrinkled my nose at the smell as we walked past.

"And," Tony finally said, turning towards a hole in the wall, graffiti and sharpie doodles drawn all around it. "Home sweet home!" Tony swung himself in and Nathan gave me a hand up so I could get in. I vended my knees as the shock of jumping down shook up my legs. Nathan landed next to me, looking like he was used to it, and yelled, "hey guys!!" Lights started to turn on, small lanterns lighting up the room. Soon everything was lit up in a warm glow, revealing the space in front of us. It seemed like there was a small area everyone had as their own, and a large area where we were standing seeming to be the group pile of canned food and coins.

"So," Tony said as I turned my eyes on the children sitting up in there ratted sleeping bags or dirty blankets. "These are the misfits. That right there," he said, pointing to a red haired fellow with curls exploding across his forehead, slightly chubby, his small eyes looking at me in curiosity. "That's Tin. Not Tim, if you say Tim he'll rip your face off." I really didn't doubt it. "That right there is Samantha, but we call 'er Sam." He said, pointing to a little girl with blond hair and blue eyes, sitting amongst a pile of dirty stuffed animals. She gave a shy wave. You could tell she was the baby of the group, the one they all looked after.

"Don't let her age fool ya though, her spy work is amazing." Tony commented, before turning to someone who looked like the eldest of all of them, maybe a year older than Tony, but for some reason he didn't look in charge. He gave us a goofy grin, waving as fast as he could. "That's Carl. He's a bit-" Tony circled a finger next to his head, crossing his eyes. Crazy.

"And that," he said, pointing to the last one. A teenage girl with black hair and piercings, her eyes looking judgmental and her lips in a tight line. "That's Sarah Lee-"

"Who is she?!" She asked in an annoyed voice.

"This is-"

"My name is Blue." I interrupted. I knew my own name, thank you.

"Ew," she grunted. "That's a weird name."

I opened my mouth, ready to absolutely-

"Okay!" Nathan said, grabbing my hand. "Now that we're all introduced let's get back to sleep, eh? We'll talk more tomorrow." He rushed me over to an empty corner.

"Thanks, I guess." I muttered, turning to give that girl one last glare.

"Yeah, no problem." He mumbled. "Tony will come over here with a blanket. You'll get more stuff as you go along. If you find something you like you can keep it as long as you find it first." I nodded and watched him walk away, looking around at my new roomies. I noticed that Sarah Lee was still giving me a nasty look. I stuck out my tongue and with a huff she turned around, turning off her light.

"Here," Tony said, tossing me a blanket an setting down my own lantern.

"Thanks- where did you get so many lights?" He shrugged and walked away. I watched him for a few seconds before laying down, the coldness from the ground seeping into my clothes and tugging the blanket more around my shoulders.

"We have biscuits for in the morning!" Tony called out before turning off the last night. A loud roar of pleasure rose up before quickly falling. I turned to the wall and listened to the sounds of breathing. From that you'd think we were all the same. The same soft snores (from Tin) and sounds of sleep. But we weren't. I wondered if I'd ever fit in here.

Probably not.

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