The Misfits Of Bakerstreet

"We are the ones Mr. Holmes calls when he can't sneak that far. We are the ones he calls when he can't do it. We are the Homeless Network. We are the Bakerstreet Irregulars."
That was what I was told, but what I was not told about was the thieves, murderers, and monsters (oh my!!) and now I've been dragged in it. Then there's the totally different and equally difficult Mr. Sherlock Holmes. How will I ever survive this?


1. The Bakerstreet Irregulars

I sat on the side of the road, rubbing my feet slowly with the palms of my hands. People walked past me without glancing my way even though I looked at them. I was too dirty to get their attention. I stood up again and looked into an ally. An ally FILLED with dumpsters. I felt my heart lift up. Maybe there was something in there. I scurried between the buildings, standing on tiptoes to peer inside. "Ooh," I whispered to myself. "A necklace!"

"What'd you find there?" A harsh voice asked me. I turned so fast I tripped over my own feet, falling to the ground as the older boy laughed.

"That's pathetic," he said, grabbing the necklace from where it fell.

"Hey," I heard a voice behind me. "Drop that, that was this young ladies here." The older boy just snickered, his sharp nose upwards and superior towards us.

"No, I think I've grown quite fond of this little necklace already." He said to us.

"Well, it certainly matches your eyes, Joseph." another voice rose behind me, one I hadn't yet heard. It was smooth, silky. Like a serpent was slipping out of his mouth. "Pardon me, but I believe you have a house? It may be none of my business-"

"No, it's not." 'Joseph' interrupted harshly.

"BUT," the snake boy continued. "It is Quite a big house and rather hard to miss." Joseph blinked a few times.

"Is that why you're here? Daddy running low on cash paying for that house?"

"No," Joseph hissed between his teeth.

"Then why do you need that necklace?" Joseph rocked onto his heels and then threw the necklace at my feet.

"Don't need the stupid thing, see?!" He said with a glower, before stalking away. I reached my hand out, the necklace cold on my touch.

"Thank you," I whispered, standing up and turning around.

"Don't thank us," said one of the boys, the one with the kinder voice. He had brown eyes and shoulder length dirty blond hair. "We needed to find that necklace anyway. can we borrow it?" I nodded and handed it to him, it was the least I could do. I glanced at the other. He had light blue eyes, and hair that was a strange green color- but honestly, it didn't look bad. Just kinda different.

"What is your name?" The green haired boy asked me.

"Blue," I said.

"Like the color?"

"Yeah, like the color."

"Interesting name. I am Tony," he told me. "And this is Nathan." I nodded and gave a small wave. I noticed that Tony was a bit loud and talked in an old fashioned way I've never heard a 16 year old use. Nathan looked younger, and seemed a bit shy.

"Well,um.." I muttered. "I'll see you around, I gu-"

"Wait!" Nathan yelled, before blushing and getting quieter. "Um... It would be helpful if you came with us, see, Mr.Holmes needs the necklace for fingerprints and since yours is on it too, we'll need to check to see what your fingerprint looks like so we know the one we're looking for." My eyebrows drew together.

"Why do you need it for fing-"

"Top secret." Tony interrupted. I felt myself getting slightly annoyed at being interrupted again.

"Well, what about that Joseph kids fingerprint?"

"Oh, we have his." I crossed my arms over my chest.

"And how come?" Tony laughed quietly and Nathan smiled at the ground.

"The only thing he needs more then money is a little less pride," Tony explained. "His father is so desperate to have that huge house that they're plain broke. He gets Joseph to steal for him, so obviously we have his fingerprints, now, are you coming or not?" That made absolutely zero sense to me, but I ignored it.

"No." I said plainly.

"You have seemed to have mistaken what was silently a command for a question." Tony said, grabbing my arm and dragged me to the street.

"HEY!" I yelled out, yanking my arm back, but he held on. I gave Nathan an aggravated look but he shrugged and mouthed, 'sorry'. I moaned and finally just gave up and walked along.

"You are not very strong." Tony commented.

"You aren't that good looking, but am I complaining?" I mumbled. He just smirked. We slowly reached a tall apartment building, '221 B' stamped into the dark door in gold lettering. It didn't look very inviting but Nathan went up to it without a second thought and raped quickly on it. The door swung open.

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