It was True Love

Edward and I were sure that what we had was 100% true love.
Then our lives were damatically changed, and A Mad Man With A Box appears at my doorstep claiming he can make everything back.
I started second-guessing the authenticity of my feeling for Edward.


2. Chapter Two

My ears awoke the the sound of steady beeps. I forced my eyes open and examined my surroundings. A hospital. Moving my body the either side ever so slightly caused pain in many places. Relaxing again, it hit me. Last night with Edward. Fro-yo splashing. Tires screeching. Glass shattering. My eyes going dark. It was a car crash.

I suddenly had the urge to know what had happened to Edward, and to my luck, a nurse walked in shortly after.

"I need to know what gapped to my friend." I huffed, realizing I. Was probably badly injured. (I was sitting on the side that had first impact.)

"You should relax," the nurse softly said while she adjusted the hospital beds covers.

"I asked a question about my friend! I NEED it answered. When a nurse doesn't reply it is never a good sign.

The nurse paused her work with the sheets and turned to face me. She pursed her lips and looked at the floor.

"What is your friends name." She asked.


"Last name?

"Fisher, Edward Fisher."

The moment I finished talking, her eyes shot up from her paper to stare at mine. I could not tell what she was thinking but this just made me more anxious to know.

"I will be right back." The nurse blurted out. She scurried out of the room and down the hall. I had my burning question asked, so I took time to look at my damaged body. My fingers were the first thing I noticed. Cut up everywhere. Pulling up my sleeves of the stiff hospital gown, I felt the gashes and band-aids that here covering most of my arms. I pulled off the sheets and lifted up the part of the gown that was shielding my legs. Immediately, I regretted it. My body went iron shock when I saw the cast on my right foot and the multiple stitches spotting my leg. The nurse walked back in just as I was covering up my legs again. She was pushing a wheelchair.

I explained to her that I don't need one.

"I am afraid you do. you hurt your ankle pretty bad in the crash."

This was no something I couldn't argue with, do I let her pull me off the bed into the uncomfortable metal with leather chair.

We strolled through the hospital's halls. I caught Other patients and family members glancing over at me ruefully. I then realized I hadn't bothered to check out what damage had been done to my face. Slowly lifting my rough hands to my face. My fingers made my face sting as they dragged across scratches and gashes. I knew that the horror on my face was readable when the nurse said "Are you alright?"

"Uhhhhh,Ya." I whispered.

We continued down the hall. My mind was to busy to remember that I still didn't know where we were going. The wheelchair stopped at room #196. My body tensed up as the door inched open and I saw a still body lying on the bed. Was it Edward? I was so anxious to know what had happened to him.

"Is he okay?" I asked.

"He's alive. If that what you mean." Replied the nurse assuringly.

It was not what I meant. I wanted to know EXACTLY what happened to both of us last night. Who, hit us and why it happened.

I tugged hard enough on the wheelchairs wheels, that I broke free from the nurses grasp. I rapidly pushed the chair forward towards the bed. The moment I got there, I was relived when I could still recognize Edward's attractive face.

His eyes opened a gap, then opened agin wider when he realized who I was.

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