It was True Love

Edward and I were sure that what we had was 100% true love.
Then our lives were damatically changed, and A Mad Man With A Box appears at my doorstep claiming he can make everything back.
I started second-guessing the authenticity of my feeling for Edward.


1. Chapter One

"Chocolate Chip, and vanilla sound great" I declared pointing to the fro yo flavours.

"Yeah, it does." Edward replied.

We held hands as we walked over to the cashier.

"$10.21." He told us.

I reached into my pocket but Edward reached his first, pulling out the exact amount.

"Come back soon." Said the chashier.

"Oh I will!" I said muffled by the ice cream I was barricading my mouth with. (It was delicious, especially on this hot day.)

Laughing, Edward and I made our way out of the shop.

We skipped over to the car and hopped in. We sat for a while, spooning up our yogurt. Then there was an awkward pause. I turned to look at Edward only to see him already staring back. Slight smiles were appearing on both of our faces.

"I love you, Violet." Edward spoke in a compassionate way that I could not resist.

"I love you too." I said, knowing that it was, and forever will be 100% true.

Slowly, in a movie like way, we inched our faces closer and pressing our lips together forming the perfect kiss. At the moment my body was filled with nothing with happiness and joy. We both wished that moment would last forever.

Eventually unlocking our lips, we checked the time and agreed we should be getting home. Edward roared the engine and rolled out of the parking lot. We both had huge grins pasted across our faces.

I turned my joyful body toward the window catching only a few seconds of the view of the street before I hear the sound of screeching tires, and feel the cold fro-yo splash on my bare arms and face. Then the worst part, seeing the windows smash and my eyes go dark.

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