It was True Love

Edward and I were sure that what we had was 100% true love.
Then our lives were damatically changed, and A Mad Man With A Box appears at my doorstep claiming he can make everything back.
I started second-guessing the authenticity of my feeling for Edward.


3. chapter 3

I felt my body relax and my heart best steady when Edwards lips shifted into a smile. I wanted to lean down and kiss him. I squirmed in my chair a little then stopping suddenly because of a shooting pain traveling up my spine.

"How are you feeling?" I asked him.

"Well, I'm breathing. And your here. I couldn't be better." He explained. "You?"

I smiled. "You don't want to know. "

A worried look grew upon his face. Though his smile still shown through.

It was true. If I wasn't occupied with him there would probably be tears streaming down my face. I turned around and faced the nurse.

"When will we be able to leave?" I asked her.

"He only has a few stitches and bruises so he can leave tomorrow. You, I am sorry to say, have to stay a few days longer." She stopped there.

I wanted to ask her why. So I did.

She took in a deep breath and turned and left. I watched her till she was out if sight. I felt hot tears filling my eyes. Edward grabbed my hand and I shot him a sympathetic glance. He returned one. A doctor appeared in the door way and asked me to follow him. I smiled turned back to Edward and said goodbye. I couldn't pass up this opportunity to have my questions answered. Once I arrived at the door the doctor took over and pushed my back to my room. Then, we were greeted by another nurse who assisted the doctor in lifting my into the bed. I layed on the bed while the hospital staff stood quietly near me. Silence. Until....

"I am so sorry to tell you this." The doctor spoke.

I raised the bed'a back just enough to glare at him.

"I am so, so sorry. "


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