Stay [Sequel to Dark Horse]

For two years, Harry and Stella have been living together. They were a happy couple until one event could drive them apart. Stella is pregnant. Harry had thought about having kids, though it hadn’t crossed his mind when it would be unexpected. The pregnancy begins to drive the two apart, and Stella is faced with a difficult decision. The fear of Harry leaving her alone with their child and becoming a single mom or fighting to make Harry stay.


1. Prologue

Standing out on the balcony had brought back a lot of memories. The salty smell in the air and the cool breeze blowing through my hair. I closed my eyes, taking in the scent. I could see the image of kids running in the backyard, their laughter sounding throughout the air.

The image of dancing in the kitchen while waiting for the cake to be baked. The image of various movie nights that consisted of laughing, crying, and fighting to stay awake. The image of putting the kids in their beds and them being sung to sleep. I opened my eyes again and looked out towards the beautiful city of Los Angeles. The sun was just setting and painted the sky an orange hue. For a moment, time stood still and everything was frozen.

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