Stay [Sequel to Dark Horse]

For two years, Harry and Stella have been living together. They were a happy couple until one event could drive them apart. Stella is pregnant. Harry had thought about having kids, though it hadn’t crossed his mind when it would be unexpected. The pregnancy begins to drive the two apart, and Stella is faced with a difficult decision. The fear of Harry leaving her alone with their child and becoming a single mom or fighting to make Harry stay.


6. Five

The next morning, Harry and I decided to tell our families. My mom was ecstatic when I told her the news. Both Taylor and my dad just congratulated us. Harry's mom and sister were just as excited as my mom.

"What is it with you women and these types of news?" Harry asked after we both hung up the phone. I didn't understand it either, but I shrugged. "We're just more emotional." I replied. Harry suggested to tell our friends, but I wanted to tell them in person.

I called the hospital to sign up with an appointment to meet with the doctor. Every morning, I felt a bit nauseous but I was thankful that it was becoming more and more bearable each time. I was beginning to show and I still haven't told my friends yet.

Finally I went back to work as soon as I had stopped throwing up. "Glad you're back." April smiled as she gave me a hug. I smiled and hugged her back, then Perrie gave me a hug. "That was some nasty flu you've caught." Perrie said.

"Yeah, it was terrible." I told them. "I'm feeling much better."

"Niall and I have set the wedding for August 16th." April said. "Promise me that you and Harry are going to be there. You're my maid of honor, remember?"

"I'm not going to forget the date April and neither will Harry. We'll both be there and I'll make sure of it." I smiled. We were on our lunch break and I was anxious to tell my friends about my unexpected pregnancy news. Yet, I'm less afraid of what their reactions might be.

"So, anything new going on?" Perrie asked, taking a sip of her coffee. I had a nervous habit of biting my lip and the both of them had taken notice. "What's going on?" April asked.

I should just flat out tell them exactly what is going on. I shouldn't stall any longer. "I'm pregnant." I told them. One thousand and one… one thousand and two… one thousand and three… "What!?" They both exclaimed and I just burst out into fits of giggles.

"Oh my god! You and Harry- No way!" Perrie squealed. The three of us acted like teenagers gushing over a best friend whose dating her high school crush. "Yes way!" I beamed.

"How did Harry react?" April asked.

"A bit shocked. I think he's learning to cope with the news." I answered. The two of them began discussing the baby shower and I stopped them, telling them that I'm not that far along into the pregnancy. "Yeah, but those months will go by fast." April said.

"We're just really happy for you two." Perrie smiled. I thanked both of my friends and then we were immersed in conversation on whether or not my baby was going to be a boy or a girl. After work, I came home to a trail of rose petals leading down the hallway to the bedroom.

I closed the door behind me and followed the trail, entering the bedroom. To my surprise, Harry was waiting for me in bed. "Harry-"

"C'mon babe, you know you can't resist this." He flashed one of his seductive smiles and I rolled my eyes. I set my bag down on the dresser and took off my shoes. "We can't-"

"We won't have sex tonight, but just let me pleasure you. Just once." He had gotten off the bed and was now kneeling before me. Harry Styles… begging? "Please babe?" He looked up at me, giving me those puppy dog eyes.

"You're okay with the whole… not having sex ordeal?" I asked.

"I don't think I'll ever be okay." I took offense to that and rolled my eyes, then entered the closet. "Babe, I'm sorry. I didn't-"

"You didn't mean to?" I asked, turning to face him. My eyes burned as the tears streamed down my face. "It sounded like you meant it Harry. We hardly have sex anyway before this baby came. What's the point anymore? Do you not want this child?"

He opened his mouth to speak, but then closed it. "Get out." I said as the tears rolled down my cheeks. "What?" He asked.

"Get out of the room." I grabbed him a pillow, a blanket, and pushed him out of the bedroom. I slammed the door in his face and locked it. I leaned against it and began to cry. Why didn't he just admit it to me before? Why didn't he just tell me the truth?

"Stella, don't lock me out. Please." I heard him call from the other side of the door, but ignored him. He called my name a few more times and then silence. I guess he had given up. I wiped my tears and opened the door.

I called out his name but there was no response. I walked down the hallway and there was a note on the kitchen counter.


I'm sorry I hurt you. I really didn't mean what I said. I'm staying with Lou and El for a few nights. I'll be back Saturday. I just need time to think about this - the situation that we're in.

I love you.


​PS. I'm sorry… again.

"He's staying with Lou and El?" April asked once I showed she and Perrie the note the next day at work. I nodded and sighed. "What am I going to do? Neither of us have been ready for this to happen." I said.

"Whether you're ready or not, you will never know until the baby is born." Perrie answered.

"I'm just worried about Harry."

"In time, he'll be more accepting of this baby." April said. "Just give him some space and time to think it over. I know you're probably both stressed over this whole situation, but you two will work it out." I hope so. I added silently and took another bite of my food.

I went home after work and ate dinner alone. After a quick shower and a change of clothes, I got into bed and turned out the lights. Will Harry ever be ready to be a father? I can't risk to be alone, but I have to fight to make him stay.

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