Roommate in Hell



In typical situations when you’re dealing with someone you hate, you tend to stay away from them—or at least try staying away from them and having as little communication with them as possible. No where does it say you hangout with them or in my case, live with them.

Let me tell you a story,

Once upon a time..

I was kidding this isn’t fairytale shit.


Anyways onto my story,

Just imagine a perfect girl, High grades, good social life, School’s Ms. Perfect and perfect boyfriend, Harry Styles, School Jock, School Mr. Everything- yeah I said everything ‘cause perfect is gayish- Anyway, everything went perfectly planned till this friend of Harry showed up which was, Louis Tomlinson. This guy wanted to steal everything perfect from you, He said rumors about you being aborted 3 times with 3 guys- which I’m never going to tell you who it is- of course, you’ll hate this guy, This guy accused you on cheating Harry- which was definitely not true of course-  Harry of course believed in you ‘cause of course you’re his girlfriend and everything. But, one night you were walking towards Harry’s dorm when this guy, Louis, showed up infront of Harry’s door. He grinned and kissed you which you didn’t kissed back ofcourse, why the hell would you kiss a guy who practically and literally ruined your life? That’s when Harry showed up and accused you of cheating and Louis got along. That’s when you decided to go to New York to fulfill your dreams being a accountant at this Ivoryl Publishing, and everything went HELL

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