That Summer

Kylie Marie and Lexi Rose have been best friends since they were little. They have done every thing together but soon that will come to an end. Its their last summer together before Lexi goes to a fashion design university in California and Kylie goes to law school in New York. They have to make this summer their best. How they do that may or may not include some fun, change of plans, danger, and all out craziness.


1. Chapter 1

- Kylie's POV-

I was sitting in my car in front of my boyfriend Garrets's house. I looked at myself in the mirror. I reapplied my lip gloss as i waited for Garret. He told me we needed to talk. I saw him walk out and i smiled widely at him. He smiled back. He got into the passenger seat.
"Hey babe" I said to him. He just nodded. "Whats wrong?" i asked him.
"I love you Kylie. You know I do but i need to start thinking about my future now that High School is over" he said.
" whats wrong?" i asked with a smile still planted on my face.
"I think....we need a break" he said looking down. My smile immediately faded into a frown.
"But we have been together since freshman year!" i exclaimed.
"I know Kylie! I am so tired of you! You are too....perky!" he said.
"Oh..." i said and looked down
"Bye Kylie" he said and kissed my cheek before exiting my car. I looked at my self in the mirror again and saw a few tears form and fall down my cheeks. I quickly wiped them away before tarting up my car and driving to my best friends house. I pulled into her garage and turned off the car. I walked into the house.
"Lexi?" i called out
"Yeah!" she yelled back out. I followed her voice and found Lexi sitting in bed watching TV. I chuckled and sat on the end of the bed.
"So how is your summer so far?" I asked her
"Shitty. All i have been doing is laying in bed watching Netflix because miss goody two shoes is too busy with her boyfriend" she said. I frowned.
" and Garret broke up" i said.
"Aww...i am sorry" she said sitting up.
"Its fine" i say
"Well now we can have a kick ass summer together!" she exclaimed.
"Okay and how do we do that?" i asked
"Well...we have exactly 2 months before we go our separate ways for college. We have to create like a summer bucket-list" she says. I nodded.
"So where do we start?" i asked
"Okay well..." she started. She pulled out a notepad and a pen. "Number one. Get into a college party." she said writing it down "Then we have to go to a concert" she says. i nodded. "And last but not least...we need to go on a crazy trip! I am talking we go to Paris or the Bahamas!" she says laughing.
"Okay sounds great but with what money?" i told her. 
"We can blow all the money haven't used towards college yet. We both payed off our tuition's" i say.
"That leaves me with about $200" i say "That isn't enough for Paris...that's barley enough for concert tickets!" i say. She sighed and ran out of the room. She cam back in with a tin. 
"Rainy day fund!" she says and starts counting all the money. "$4,ooo" she say. My mouth dropped. "And my dad gave me a credit card!" she said. I smiled. 
"This has to be a great summer. It will be the last summer when the two of us will be together" i said. She smiled.
"You can always come visit Cali!" she says laughing. "Go pack" she said. I smiled and nodded. I left and went to my house. I started packing for the best summer ever.

-Lexi POV-
I packed all my stuff and grabbed my skateboard. I skated down to my friend Liam Payne's house. Me and him used to be friends when we were little. He was my fist kiss but then he left for X-Factor and he dated Danielle and he kinda forgot about us. We still remained friends. I got to his house. I walked in. 
"Honey I'm home!" i called out to his sister Ruth. She came over and smiled.
"So 'Honey' How does it feel to be out of school?" she asked. I smiled widely.
"Fan fucking tastic" i say.
"Watch the mouth!" Liam yelled as he hugged me. I hugged him back tightly.
"How is Payno?" i asked
"Good. How is my little Americano?" he asked. I smiled at his nick name for me. I was american and my family moved here from Vermont.
"Enjoying being single still" i say. "How is the single life for you?" i ask laughing. I was happy when i found out he was single.
"Actually" he said and pulled a girl over. "Lexi...this is my fiance Sophia" he said. My heart shattered.
"Hi, nice to meet you." She said. i fake smiled. I saw Louis walk in. He knew everything. Onetime we got drunk together and I spilled my guts. He knew what was happening .
"Lex wanna go outside?" he asked. I nodded and ran out the door. He followed. I turned around and saw Louis.
"Fiance!" i yell.
"I know...I don't know what he is thinking." he said.
"He was single 3 month ago!" i say and almost started crying. He walked over and hugged me. "Why doesnt he love me!" i sobbed into his chest.
"I don't know. He is a fool. Your a amazing beautiful girl" he said.
"R-Really?" i asked
"Yes! I don't understand how he doesn't see it." he said. I smiled
"Thanks Lou" i say and pull away. He wiped the tears off my cheeks.
"Anytime Love" he said and smiled at me.
"I have to go" i say
"Where too?" he asked.
"Me and Kylie have our final summer to make big." i say and smile.
"What are you doing to make it special?" he asked
"Well we are going to get into a crazy insane college party, then we have to go to a awesome concert, then well...we are going somewhere new" i say. He smiled at me. I grabbed my skate board.
"Sounds like a great time" he said.
"Yeah i know. Who know's maybe we can meet up?" i say
"Y-Yeah!" he said happily. He wrote down a number.
"Call me" he said.
"Definitely" i say grabbing it as I skated away.

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