Kassia and Willow were the best of friends, and partners in crime in all the crime that they could do in eighth grade. It was all great until 8th grade; they got in a fight. It was practically the battle of the year, everyone was taking sides in their duel. Everything changed when Willow moved to Australia. She stayed there for two years, and now she's coming back to Canada for 11th grade. What happens when Willow finds out that Kassia is in the same class as her? ~read to find out~


1. Prologue

   "Go die, bitch," I heard Kassia spit in my ear. I spun around,  surprised that she would be so straightforward about it. I met her bright blue eyes and her face turned into a smirk. I pushed my dirty blonde hair out of the way of my face. 

   "You first, please," I retorted. "All you ever did was lie to me. And cause pointless drama, just because you're such an attention seeker."

   "I never lied to you, you fucking asshole!" she said. We both had practice after school together, and we were waiting to get in the gym. She had cheerleading, while I on the other hand, had softball. 

   "Oh, no of course you didn't. You just happened to forget to tell me that you favor your repulsive ex boyfriend over your best friend since 5th grade. Right," I said sarcastically. 

   "Yeah, because he's right. You're a loser, and the only reason I was ever friends with you was because I felt sorry for you. So I was just being the nice one, you selfish brat," she said as she sashayed into the gym. I realized that everyone had been watching that was in the hallways with us. About half of the people were glaring at me; the other half was giving me thumbs up and smiles. 

   "She's right. You don't belong here," I heard Lily say. Lily was usually nice to me, but apparently she made her choice of either me or Kassia clear. I just looked at her as she smirked and walked after Kassia. 

I was so glad I was moving.  

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