Kassia and Willow were the best of friends, and partners in crime in all the crime that they could do in eighth grade. It was all great until 8th grade; they got in a fight. It was practically the battle of the year, everyone was taking sides in their duel. Everything changed when Willow moved to Australia. She stayed there for two years, and now she's coming back to Canada for 11th grade. What happens when Willow finds out that Kassia is in the same class as her? ~read to find out~


5. Kassia

   -Kassia's POV-


   "Oh my God, that bitch," I said to my friends. "I can't believe she moved back here."

   " Who the hell is she anyways?" I heard someone ask.

   "Just a little whore that went to school with me in 8th grade," I said.

   "Oh. Yeah she looks like a skank."

   "Um, yeah duh. No one should be friends with her, got it?" Lily said, in command over the table. Lily and I had become best friends in the 9th grade, where we actually became popular. Now we were practically royalty.

   All of the people at our group nodded, and Lily and I shared a glance. No one needed to know that Willow and I had been friends. I looked over at Caleb shyly. He was one of the only people who knew about Willow and me's past. He nodded at me reassuringly.

   I suddenly saw someone - a decently cute boy- walk over to Willow. Oh hell no. I could only hope Caleb wouldn't mind. No one paid too much mind to me as I walked up to willows area. She looked over to me and I smiled evilly and grabbed the boys arm. I saw her glare at me and I smirked at her.

   "Hey," I said mock-shyly. He blinked and blushed- he was clearly not used to being hit on by the most popular girl in school.

   "Umm hi," he said.

   "So.. What's up?"


   "Cool! So I think that you should stay away from her- the redhead, you know. She's not a friend of mine, you see... "

   "O- Okay."

   "Cool!" I said and I walked off. Caleb was smirking at me and I sat in my seat. 

   I saw Willow get up- probably to sharpen her pencil. Lily grinned evilly at me.

   " Hey fire girl!" She said. Fire girl? "You should totally try out for cheerleading!" 

   The entire table bust out in laughter. She turned bright red- living up to her nickname- and hurried off.



   After school was always fun. Everyone out in the hallways for about 10 minutes getting their stuff, milling around. The perfect time to show Willow her place in this school. My group and I already had it all planned out. I looked around the corner at her and smirked. She had no idea what was coming.

I hadn't seen Caleb since lunch, so he wasn't around that I knew of. I glanced over to the other people as I nodded once and sashayed down the hallway.

"So willow. " I said

"Hmm?" She asked. She was hurrying now- trying to avoid a confrontation. Like that was gonna happen.

"You came back for more bitch? You had the fucking nerve to come back here?" I pushed her bookbag out of her hand and saw a spark of fear in her eyes. "You thought you could just run away like the little whore you are. I bet you've gotten pregnant 10 times and banged 27 horny boys for money. Just because you're a little slut and you'd do that. No one likes you; and no one ever will. " I pushed her to the ground now- I was pretty strong because of cheerleading. I laughed and the rest of my group came out from behind corners, laughing with me.

"What the hell! Get off of me!" She cried. They began to scream names at her and kick her. She deserved it all.

"That's enough. She's learned her lesson. " I said. They immediately got off of her. I smirked down at her and squared down. I raised her head with two of my fingers; I noticed she had a bloody nose. "You don't belong here- you fucking bitch." I stated. She glared at me, but didn't reply. "Got that?"

"Go to hell," she replied. I stood up and kicked her again, just for good measure.

"Let's go. " I said to my group. They followed me like lost puppies, and they all went home.

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