Kassia and Willow were the best of friends, and partners in crime in all the crime that they could do in eighth grade. It was all great until 8th grade; they got in a fight. It was practically the battle of the year, everyone was taking sides in their duel. Everything changed when Willow moved to Australia. She stayed there for two years, and now she's coming back to Canada for 11th grade. What happens when Willow finds out that Kassia is in the same class as her? ~read to find out~


3. Coming Home

   No, I don't consider Canada my home. Or this stupid town my hometown. I loved Australia. I loved the heat, the people, my home. We had a nice beach house along the north side of Australia, but of course we had to move back to this stupid, cold, miserable place.

   "Sweetie, you'll be fine," my dad had said repeatedly to me on our way here. Yeah, right. 

  I felt my ears pop as we descended to the airport that I had been at exactly 2 years and 1 month ago. I glanced over to my dad, who was grinning ear to ear. Unlike me, Canada was his home. He loved it. I rolled my eyes at him and we finally touched the ground.

   We sat on the plane for about 10 more minutes before we actually got to get out. It was a long and quite boring process, plus I needed to charge my phone.

   My dad and I had to walk all the way to the baggage area, which felt like miles from where we had landed. My dad was practically skipping he was so excited.

   "Aren't you excited? We're home! We're finally here!" he said when I caught up to him.

   "Not really," I said. He frowned a little, but remained silent. We finally got to where our bags were, and got them without one going missing. "So how are we gonna get to the motel?" I asked. We were staying in a motel until we could afford an actual house and a car.

   He immediately stopped jumping up and down. "Ah... Um.."

   "Oh my God, Dad " I said. He hadn't even thought of that.

   See, my dad isn't exactly the most responsible of parents. He didn't give me many rules, so I got to do pretty much whatever I wanted. He's just a kid who was forced to grow up.

   "Isn't there a bus or something?" He asked sheepishly.

   "Yeah, but do you have any money? Like spare change?"

   "I think so..." he said as he patted his pockets for his wallet. "Ah hah! Found it! " he said victoriously as he pulled out his worn, leather wallet. I clapped sarcastically.

"Good job, dad. Bus time , "


We eventually got to our motel, which was about a mile away from the local high school. I would be attending 11th grade there, and I was sure that all of my friends (and enemies) were going there.

I hadn't thought about Kassia in 2 years. Now, I did. I knew that she was attending there. The first day of school was in exactly one week. I could only hope she wouldn't recognize me.

I unpacked all of my things in my small bedroom with grey walls and a twin bed with plaid sheets on it. It had been a long and exhausting flight, so I immediately plopped down on the bed and promptly fell asleep.

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