Kassia and Willow were the best of friends, and partners in crime in all the crime that they could do in eighth grade. It was all great until 8th grade; they got in a fight. It was practically the battle of the year, everyone was taking sides in their duel. Everything changed when Willow moved to Australia. She stayed there for two years, and now she's coming back to Canada for 11th grade. What happens when Willow finds out that Kassia is in the same class as her? ~read to find out~



Hi! You don't have to read this chapter if you don't want to, its just pictures of the characters and stuff. 


Willow (currently) :


Kassia (currently) : 


Caleb (he's coming) 

Lily (currently) : 



   -Story after the prologue-


Basically Willow moves away to Australia and becomes a whole new person. Her Dad gets a new job back at her hometown and they go back 2 years later. I'll probably add more detail later but that's about it for now. 

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