I remember the world being bright. I remember waking up early in the morning just to watch the sun brighten up the sleepy city. I remember that day. Driving so fast, it seemed like we were chasing the sun. Then it happened. The brightness had been sucked out of my life, and I have not seen light ever since. Each day that continues on, there is no light to lift my spirits. There is no light to brighten up my day. It's been so long since I've seen the light, and I don't know if I can hold on much longer.


7. Chapter 6

Day 67.


Today is a different day. It's strange--My breathing spikes up every time someone touches me. I can hear people quickly shuffling around in the room, people shouting/talking excitedly.


"Hey Bridge," Is this Christian? "They're gonna run some more tests on you today, and maybe that'll tell us how long you're gonna stay asleep."


I'm sleeping? Why can't I wake up? I will my eyes open, and they twitch. They twitch!


"Whoa!" He exclaims. "Wh-what was that?" He waits for a second and I try and open my eyes again, but... they don't twitch.


"Um, anyway, I know you probably can't understand a word I'm saying, or have been saying for the past few months, but I really hope they say that you'll open up those beautiful green eyes again sometime soon." He says softly, taking my hand in his.


As soon as he touches me, light fills my vision and I see a pair of awestruck, curious, brown eyes staring back at me.

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