I remember the world being bright. I remember waking up early in the morning just to watch the sun brighten up the sleepy city. I remember that day. Driving so fast, it seemed like we were chasing the sun. Then it happened. The brightness had been sucked out of my life, and I have not seen light ever since. Each day that continues on, there is no light to lift my spirits. There is no light to brighten up my day. It's been so long since I've seen the light, and I don't know if I can hold on much longer.


6. Chapter 5

Day 64.


I want to wake. I want to wake from this ever-lasting slumber and be engulfed in light.


The boy keeps coming back to talk to me. He makes my desire to wake even more furious. I still don't know his name. But I really want to.


A new person comes to visit me now. She acts like I'm going to wake up any second.


"You will love the new teacher for 4th period! She's so nice!" The girl tells me. "And Trisha from 6th period, ugh! She is raking on my last nerve!"


And then she goes on and on about what she had done that day, how her boyfriend is the 'sweetest, most generous, caring guy ever!'


In the middle of one of her stories about the day, another voice--an older, gruff, male voice--tells her that it's time to leave.


She pats my hand as she stands up, says goodbye to us, and I hear the door softly click shut.




"Hey B," The same voice from earlier says. "How 'ya holding up?"


How are you holding up? I want to ask him, even if I don't know this person.


"Your momma made her famous chili last night. Made us think of you," He said.


Who is my mom?


"After we said Grace, we dug right in. It was done even before the corn bread came out!" He laughed.


His laugh makes me want to smile.


"Christian sure does like to come and visit you. He makes me nervous tryna' horn in on my little girl." Who's Christian?


Then he reads to me--a book about a girl chasing a white rabbit and falling down a hole.


I'm pretty sure he dozed off, because I heard snoring, and throughout the whole time, I was thinking 'who's Christian?'

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