The Lost Twin

Andalynn Grace Ateara is Quil Ateara V's long lost twin sister. After their parents divorced when they were two, their father took Andalynn and left. After fourteen years, their father takes himself and Andalynn back to La Push. Do one of the pack members imprint on her? Does she phase? Read to find out...


3. The Twin

I follow dad. He pulls into the driveway of a smaller, brown, two story house. He turns his car off and gets out, I do the same. I let Bailey out, and I put him on his leesh. I shut the leesh in the car door on purpose, so he didn't get away.

My hands are shaking to the extrme. I grab my purse off of the passenger seat, and clip my keys to it. I sling it over my shoulder. I pull my sleeves down, and shove my hands in my pockets, and follow my dad to the front door.

He knocks on the old oak door. A minute or two later, a woman opens the door.

"Quil! I wasn't expecting you for another hour or so!" she says.

"We got an early start," Dad says, "Joy, this is Andalynn. Andy this your mother, Joy."

"Oh my goodness! How you've grown!" she gushes. She gives me a motherly hug, and invites us in.

"I'm sure you want to meet Quil, is that right?" Dad asks. I nod. "I'll get Bailey later." I nod again.

"Quil! Come down! Your father and sister are here!" mom, wow it's weird calling her that, yells up the stairs. Not a minute later, a boy about six feet in height, comes walking down the stairs.

"I'm guessing you're my twin?" he asks as he makes his way to us.

"I guess so," I say.

"You can bring your boxes in later, Quil, why don't you show her around," mom suggests.

"Sure," he says as he leads me back outside.

"When did she drop the bomb that we were moving in?" I ask him as we walk.

"About a week ago," he says, "When did he drop the bomb on you?"

"Last night!" I say.

"Really?" he asks.

"Yup, right after I got home from school!" I say, "We ate dinner, and I spent all night packing."

"Wow," he says, "What do you wanna do? Bike? Hike? But we are going to a party later."

"A party?" I ask.

"Sort of. It's more of a bonfire," he says.

"Sounds fun," I say.

"For you! Everyone there is just going to hear the legends another time," he says, "And you can meet my friends."

"Tell me about them," I say.

"My friends? Well, there's Jacob Black, everyone calls him Jake. He's our second cousin, but he's still one of my best friends. Then there's Embry Call, he's my other best friend, he's more of the strong silent type. Then Jared Cameron, how do I describe him? Loud, boisterous, funny, the usual prankster, and the class clown. Paul Lahote, is a hot-headed prick and otherwise known as the towns bad boy player, but once you get to know him, he's not that bad. Then there's Leah Clearwater, she's the only girl who hangs out with us. She seems pretty bitchy on the outside, but she's not that bad, she uses the whole bitch facade to put up walls, because her dad died last fall from a heart attack. Then there's Seth, Leah's little brother. He's a happy-go-lucky kid, and a mini Jake, at least that's what we all call him. And then Sam Uley, he's kinda like a leader to all of us. He suggests something, and we do it. He's got a hard shell, but once you crack him, he's not as bad of a guy as he makes himself out to be," he says, "And you will meet every single one of them later tonight."

"They sound like a pretty good group of people," I say.

"They are," he says, "So tell me about Tacoma. Any friends? Boyfriends?"

I laugh and say, "No boyfriends, but I did leave a great group of friends behind."

"Tell me about them," he says.

"Well, there's Kadi Palmer, she's been my best friend since I could walk. She lived next door to me, and we would do everything together. She's crazy, and if you gave her the chance, I'm sure she could probably eat an elephant, that's how much she eats. Then there's Kristina Lindsay, everyone called her Krissy, but those special people, like me, called her Kris. We've been friends since 7th grade, when she moved to Tacoma, and she lived three houses down, and across the street. We had a lot in common, for example, we had the same favorite color, and liked the same music. And then MacKayla Benson, everyone calls her Kayla, but Kris, Kadi and I call her Mac, we've been friends since third grade. She lived six houses down from me, and she's crazy too! Then Teagan Adams, she loves horses. She lives on her families horse ranch, right outside town. We all call her Teag, even though she hates it! We've been friends since I can remember," I say.

"Sounds like a good group of friends," he says.

"They really are. I have a lot more, but those are my mains," I say.

"I don't really hang out with anyone other than Jake, Embry, Jared, Paul, Leah, Seth and Sam," he says, "And now you're added to the list."

"Awe! How sweet!" I say, "Just one question. What if your friends don't like me?"

"They'll love you! I told them about you about two days ago, and you're all they've been talking about! Trust me!" he says.

"Whatever you say," I say.

He checks the time on his phone and says, "We should probably head back." I nod, and we turn around.

We walk back to the house., and into the living room.

"We still have some time, want me to help you bring boxes in?" he asks.

"Sure," I say, "Which one's mine?"

"The last one one on the left upstairs," he says, "Your car unlocked?"

"Nope," I say I quickly run upstairs and open the oak door.

It's a pretty big room, maybe a little bit bigger than my room in Tacoma. There's already a bed and mattress that is the same size as the one I had, an end table, a dresser, and a desk with a comfy looking black computer chair. All of the furnature is a light oak color. There's a pretty big closet too. There's a set of double doors that lead to a small balcony. There's also a big window with a seat built in. There are some shelves above the desk. There is even a full sized mirror next to the desk, with cork board strips around it. There is a bulliten board on the wall above the bed, and the walls are a pale white. 

"Like it?" I hear Quil ask from behind me.

"Love it," I say. I see that he carried like four boxes in. I follwo him back downstairs. He carries four boxes for every one that I carry. We talk small the whole time. When we get the last box up to my room, it's at least seven o'clock.

"We don't have to be at the beach until eight, want help putting things away?" he asks.

"Sure," I answer.

He helps me put my room together. I put all my clothes away, when he puts things on the shelves, and puts my computer on the desk. He tells me about La Push, and who will be at the bonfire. He just makes me feel at home.

"Okay, I'm officially calling you Sissy for multiple reasons!" he says once everything is put away. In record time too it's only 7:30.

"Whatever!" I say. I roll my eyes.

"We should get going Sissy!" he says.

"Quil. No," I say. He laughs. We head downstairs and see Dad and Mom. Still not used to calling her that.

"You guys heading out?" Mom asks.

"Yup, to the bonfire," Quil says.

"Have fun!" she says as we walk out the front door. We walk the short distance to what he calls First Beach. It's just a bunch of rocks and the ocean. I'm not complaining though. I love the beach.

"Hey guys!" Quil yells to a group of guys and one girl. They all run over.

"Hey Quil, what's up?" one guy asks.

"This is my sister, Andalynn. Andalynn, this is Jake, Embry, Jared, Seth, Leah and Paul," Quil says pointing to them when he says their name.

I locked eyes with Paul, and he wouldn't stop staring, it was kind of creeping me out.

"Hey, earth to Paul!" Jared says. Jake smacks him upside the head, and he "wakes up" from his mini trance that he was in.

"I can deffinetly see the resemblence," Embry says.

"Did I forget to mention that they can be a little overwhelming?" Quil asks.

"Whatever, let's eat," Leah says.

With the mention of food, all the boys race over to a table set up with food all over it.

"What's with guys and food?" I ask.

She smiles and says, "Their stomachs are bottomless pits! They never get full!"

"That pretty much sums up almost every guy on the panet!" I say.

"I'm Leah by the way," she says.

"So I've been told. I'm Andalynn, but you can call me Andy," I say.

"You should sit by me," she says.

"Sure thing, but what's up with Paul?" I ask.

"I think he likes you," she says.

"He won't stop staring," I say.

"Because you're goregous! I mean, look at you!" she says.

I smile and say, "Thanks, but you're stunning."

"Thanks, it's nice to have another girl around," she says.

"I bet, let's head over," I say, and we walk over to the fire and driftwood that was arranged around it.

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