The Lost Twin

Andalynn Grace Ateara is Quil Ateara V's long lost twin sister. After their parents divorced when they were two, their father took Andalynn and left. After fourteen years, their father takes himself and Andalynn back to La Push. Do one of the pack members imprint on her? Does she phase? Read to find out...


5. School...

I groan when my alarm clock goes off, and I slam my hand onto it. I roll out of bed. Literally. I land on the floor, and I stand up. I go to the bathroom, and take a quick shower. I blow dry my hair, and leave it natural.

My outfit choice ends up being: cuffed, knee, jean shorts, a white cami, a watermelon flowy tank, watermelon colored Vans, a black, wrap bracelet, drop necklace with a watermelon colored flower pendant, a watermelon colored triple flower ring, and a jean vest. I put on light mascara, eyeliner, and nude lipgloss.

I go to Quil's room, and knock on the door. When he doesn't answer, I open the door a bit, and see that he's still sleeping. I shove the door open, and run and lay on him.

"What?" he groans.

"Wake up! I'll make you breakfast!" I say. He immediately wakes up. He shoves me off, and goes to get ready.

I laugh and walk to my room, and grab my phone and stick it in my pocket. I head downstairs, and see that no one has touched anything. I let Bailey outside to do his business, and head to the kitchen. I end up making pancakes, eggs, bacon, and orange juice.

"Smells good!" Quil says when he walks down stairs. I hand him a plate.

When he finishes, he says, "I like you!"

"It's nice to know that I'm only liked for my food!" I say, "We should head off." I look at the clock on the wall.

"Yeah, probably," he says.

"One second," I say. I run up the stairs and grab my tribal print, Jansport back pack.

"Nice backpack!" Quil says when he sees it, "Tribal!"

"Thanks, we walking or driving?" I ask.

"We can drive," he says. I grab my keys, and we head out the door and to my car.

Quil gives me all the right directions, and about fifteen minutes later, we pull into the school parking lot.

"I'll wait for you," he says when we walk to the office.

"Hi, I'm here for my schedule and locker?" I ask.

"Sure thing, name?" the secretary asks.

"Andalynn Ateara," I say.

"Here you go, your locker and combination is right there, and here's your classes," she says with a smile.

"Thank you," I say. Before I walk out.

"So what are you taking?" he asks as he swipes my schedule out of my hands.

"Quil," I groan.

"1st- AP English, 2nd- AP Biology, 3rd- History, 4th- Trigonometry, 5th- French, Lunch, 6th- Auto, and 7th- PE! Well I have first, fourth, lunch, and last with you," he says, "You're taking AP classes?"

"I'm good in science and English, I would take a normal class, but apparently I'm too advanced for them!" I say jokingly.

"Who's too advanced for what?" Jake asks when we walk up to them. Paul laughs. I hit him on the back of the head.

"Ow! Baby, I thought you loved me!" he says.

"Keep it up, and I might just find someone else to love! Maybe it'll be Embry!" I say as Embry walks up.

"Took you long enough!" he says as he swings me into a dip. I laugh. Paul is fuming.

"Don't worry, she'll come around!" Jake says laughing.

"My answer is yes to the first question the second one may need some time," I say to Paul before I kiss his cheek.

"What classes do we have with you?" Jake asks before he steals my schedule.

Jake- 1st, 3rd, lunch, 6th & 7th

Paul- 1st, 4th, lunch & 7th

Jared- 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, lunch & 7th

Leah- all classes except 6th

Embry- all except 5th

"You take auto?" Jake asks.

"Course I do!" I say.

"Sweet! You'll be the only girl though," Embry says.

"Fine by me!" I say just as the bell rings.


All my classes went pretty well, if you don't factor in being the new kid.

I was currently walking down the hall toward the cafeteria, when I hear some girl say, "Who does she think she is? I mean, Paul and I had an awesome time last night!"

"What's her name even?" some other girl asks.

I stop near them, and scoff at their stupidity.

"Oh look, the towns new bitch!" the first girl said.

"What did you call me?" I growl.

"A bitch, look it up!" she says.

"I'm warning you, Paul is mine, and just saying, I was with him all last night, and I know he wouldn't go after a wannabe Barbie like you!" I say.

"I don't see some sign on him that says he's yours!" she says.

"I don't need a sign. He'll always be mine, no matter what!" I growl.

"At least my daddy didn't run away a long time ago, and haul me with him! He was probably just ashamed of how fucking ugly his daughter is!" she says looking pretty proud of herself.

That hit a nerve. You can call me all the names you want, but once you say something about my family, the bitch who said it is going to die!

I quickly tackle her to the ground, and slam punches into her face.

"Andy!" I hear someone yell, "Andy! Stop!" Two pairs of arms pull me off of her.

"No! The bitch insulted my family! She needs to die!!!" I yell.

"Take her outside!" I hear Jake say.

"I need to finish her!" I say. I'm shaking extremely bad. Damn! These are my good clothes!

"Andy, think of any memory that makes you extremely angry," Quil commands. I nod fast.

I think of anything and everything that has ever pissed me off.

All of the sudden a warm burst of energy shoots up my spine, and I hear cracking. My bones.

[Jake: Andy, follow Quil home, and stay there. He'll help you phase back.] I feel him phase back.

[Quil: Don't be afraid.]

[Me: I'm not afraid! I'm pissed!] I snap at him.

[Quil: Just come on.] We run to our backyard.

[Quil: Wait here, and don't let anyone see you! Not even Mom or Dad!]

I nod, and watch him run off. I huff. This is just great!

I see Quil and Paul run up.

[Quil: I'm going to grab you clothes, Paul, help her?]

[Paul: Sure.] Quil phases back, and heads inside. Paul helps me phase back, and Quil comes back with a tee shirt, shorts, and black rubber flip flops.

"Thanks," I mumble. I throw the clothes on, and stomp back to the house.

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