The Lost Twin

Andalynn Grace Ateara is Quil Ateara V's long lost twin sister. After their parents divorced when they were two, their father took Andalynn and left. After fourteen years, their father takes himself and Andalynn back to La Push. Do one of the pack members imprint on her? Does she phase? Read to find out...


2. Extra Boxes



I slam my hand down on my alarm clock, to shut it off. I drag myself out of bed, and toward my bathroom. I take a long shower, and blow dry my hair. I opted for dark wash, distressed, skinny jeans, a black cami, a flowy white tank top, my brown leather jacket, and my brown combat boots.


I finish packing up my room, and put my laptop in it's case, along with the charger. I put my phone charger in my purse, and shove my alarm clock in my suitcase, then zip it up. I take the extra boxes I had in my room downstairs, and drop them at the bottom of the stairs.


I go to the kitchen and make myself breakfast. Scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, and a glass of orange juice. I make some for dad too. Knowing him, he's probably still in bed.

I still can't believe that we're leaving our Tacoma home, and going to La Push.


"Made breakfast?" I hear dad's voice from the other room.

"Yup, it's getting cold. But of course I'll eat it if you don't want it!" I joke with him.

"I'm coming!" he says.

"I knew that would get you going!" I say as he walks in.

"How come my daughter knows me better than I know myself?" he asks.

"Because, I'm suppose to!" I say, "Can I go see Kadi? I'm letting Bailey inside by the way."


I walk to the back door, and open it, to let my golden retriever in. It's a good thing Bailey has a dog house outside, because I totally forgot her was outside last night!

Bailey is more of my dog, than dad's, because he doesn't spend as much time with him as much as I do. He usually sleeps at the end of my bed, every night. We had another dog, a Border Collie named Scout, but he does last year, so dad got me Bailey a month or two later. He's been my dog ever since.

I fill his food and water bowls, then I text my friend Kadi.

[Me: Kadi Sue!!!]

[Kadi: What Andy Grace???]

[Me: Do you remember what I told you last night???]

[Kadi: Yeah, you're moving!!! I'm never going to be able to see you!!!!]

[Me: Quit being a drama queen! Haha can I come over???]

[Kadi: Course you can!!]

[Me: I love how we live next door!!]

My best friend Kadi Palmer and I have been friends since we could walk. We are total opposites, only in looks though. I have black hair, brown eyes, and russet skin, whereas she has blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.

"Honey!!! I'm home!!!" I yell when I walk in her back door. I was too lazy to go in the front door, the back door was closer.

"Sweetheart!!! I'm in my room!!!" she yells back. I laugh and head up the stairs.

I clamp a hand over my eyes as I walk in, and ask, "Are you decent???"

"Have been for the past hour!" she says.

I move my handaway from my eyes, to see my hbeautiful best friend. Every brunette needs a blnonde best friend, even if I'm not a brunette.

"I can't believe you're moving!!!" she almost screams and runs over and jumps on me, wrapping her legs around my waist and arms around my neck.

"I'm just moving! I'm not dying!" I say as I peel her off of me.

"You might as well be!! I won't be able to see my Andy every day!! Or walk to school with you!! You're leaving me with those idiots???" shealmost yells.

"Oh calm down! Maybe you can come visit this summer!" I suggest.

"That's not such a bad idea!" she says, "I'm going to surprise you this summer! I'm going to just randomly show up at your house and it'll be awesome!!!"

"I'll only be three hours away! If you ever need me, which I'm sure will be every other day, you can just call me, and I'll be there!" I say.

"Damn straight!" she says.

I laugh and say, "Whatever! I'm leaving at three."

She makes a distressed noise, and says, "Ugh!!! Why does the universe hate me?!?!"

"If it makes a difference, I don't hate you!" I say jokingly.

"You are not suppose to hate me! You're my bestfriend!" she says.

"We need to do something!" I say.

"Mall?" she suggests.

"Meet me at my car!" I say before racing down the stairs and back to my house.

"Why the rush?" Dad asks when I run in the door.

"Going to the mall with Kadi! Might want to save another box!" I say with a devious smile.

"Okay then, I won't interrupt, but don't forget, we're leaving at three," he says.

"I know!" I say. I leave my phone charger in my purse, and head downstairs. I make sure I have my wallet, then grab my keys to my black 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

"Here," Dad says as he hands me some money, "Figured you'd want a shopping spree before you left. I went to the bank yesterday."

I take it from his hand, and look at it. It's $450.

"Thanks dad, I'll buy you something!" I say before I put the money in my wallet, and shove my wallet back in my purse, and head outside.

"Shopping spree! Hope you have extra boxes, because you're going to need them!!" Kadi says when I unlock my car and get in. I put my purse in the backseat and put my seatbelt on, then start the car.

I drive the mall, with Kadi talking my ear off the whole time. I've gotten used to it though, because I'm probably the same way.

We go around the mall, stopping at almost every single store. I ended up with two bags from Aeropostale, one bag from Hollister, three bags from Bath & Body Works, two bags from Forever 21, one bag from Sephora, two bags from TOMS, one bag from GAP, one bag from Vans, two bags from Under Armour, one bag from Maurices, three bags from Pacsun, two bags from M.A.C, one bag from Wet Seal, two bags from Deb, one bag from Nike, two bags from Rue 21, one bag from E.L.F, two bags from Dicks, one bag from Converse, one bag from Hot Topic, and two bags from American Eagle. Fourty-three bags in all, seven pairs of shoes, a new wallet, five scarves, and a lot of clothes.


"Damn! I should take you on a short notice shopping spree all the time!!" Kadi says when we load the bags in the back.

"Sure... Dad gave me $440 before I left the house," I say.

"Make sense as to why you bought so much shit!" she says.

"Whatever, wanna help me pack it away?" I ask.

"Sure, plus my mom and Craig are both at work. Haiden is over at Allen's, so I have nothing better to do than sit around either on my phone or laptop, and eat food," she says.

"You do that anyway!" I say.

"I'll be doing it ten times more, now that you're moving!" she says when I start the car.

"If eating was an olympic sport, you'd take the gold!" I say.

Kadi eats almost literally everything in sight, and never gains weight! She has a super fast metabolism, that's why.

"Oh shush! You eat just as much as I do!" she says.

"True. I'm going to stop at the bank first," I say as I turn into the bank parking lot. I go through the drive through, and put whatever was left of the $450 onto my credit card. Kadi talks about anything and everything until we get home.

"Hey dad, wanna help?" I ask when I open the front door.

"How much did you buy?" he asks.

"I only spent $270! But I bought a lot," I say. I put my keys in my purse, and put it on the table next to the door.

"Course you did!" he says. We all grab a few bags, and take them to my room. When we were finsihed, I couldn't see my floor. Dad brings up a few boxes, and leaves them outside my door.

"Where to start?" Kadi asks.

"How about by my door? We can work our way in," I say. We take all the clothes and shoes out of the bags, and transfer them into the boxes.


"How's it going? We need to load up soon," Dad says right after we pack the last shirt into the last box.

"Just finished. I kept to my word by the way!" I say grabbing the last Nike bag, "I know how you love running, and you always say how hard it is to carry a wallet, phone, and water bottle. So I got you this!" I hand him the bag. He takes the water bottle out, an drops the bag.

"What's this?" he asks.

"It's a water bottle with a filter, and an ice pack. And it even has a storage compartment, where you can put money and your phone!" I say.

"I'll be sure to use it!" he says, "I love it, thank you." He gives me a hug.

"I knew you would!" I say, "Now, time to start loading!" I look around my room, and make sure that I didn't forget anything. I take a few boxes down at once, and Kadi helps. Dad must have already loaded his boxes, because everything is completely gone, except the furnature.

We load all of my boxes and suitcases into my car.


"I'll miss you!" Kadi says with a tear stained face, and even more tears running down her cheeks. I started crying five minutes ago.

"I'll miss you too! I'll call you when I can, and text you everyday!" I say.

"We can skype every Thursday, it'll be our new tradition instead of ice cream Wednesdays!" she says, "And I'm sticking to what I said! I'm going to surprise you!"

"I know you will. You aways do!" I say.

"You know me!" she says with a sniffle.

I give her a long hug and say, "Tell you're mom and Craig hi and bye for me, and even Haiden! Tell the little pipsqueak that I love him, and that I'll miss him!"

"Will do!" she says.

"Time to go," Dad says before he gives Kadi a hug. They say their goodbyes and Dad gets in his car and I get in mine.

I follow him all the way to La Push.

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