The Sub

"So is this it?" His eyes cast down. No attempt to meet mine again.
"I don't know. I think it is." I reply. His back turns and then it hits me. It's over. No matter how much it hurts. It's the memories I crave, and the future I crave. I can't be what he wants. He can't be what I want. "This is it."


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7
                “That’s not happening. I’m going home.” Okay, even now I know I cannot go home with him. That’s completely inappropriate and it’s not going to happen.
                “Listen here, you’ve already causes enough trouble as it is. You will listen to me; I’m trying to help you. Besides I know you have a car,” how? “I saw you driving it home a few days ago. So I’m guessing you lost your keys or someone else as them. With that said you probably do not have your keys for your house. Therefore you’re locked out.” He shrugs then turns down Terry Avenue. He lives closer to me than I suspected, must be why we ran into each other ate the supermarket on Pike Street.
                “Why are you being so rude?” I ask. I can feel myself sobering up, that’s good. “Why didn’t you just let me walk home?” Maybe I do sound like an irate child, but I really could care less right now. I feel so at war with myself. That little part of me is shaking with pride, she is more than happy to be in this car with Mr. Hemmings. Though, the rest of me does want nothing more than to go home and forget about him. It’s absurd that he is making me go with him anyways.
                “Me? Being rude?” He scoffs then laughs. “Okay, I said a few choice words, but that is about as rude as I have been. Honestly you should be thanking me. You know you could have been raped or worse if someone else would have seen you?! So I do believe I deserve a thank you.” 
                “Ha. For what taking me to your house against my will?” I noticed the car stopped a few moments ago. “I don’t think so.”
                “Against your will, huh? If it’s completely against your will, then why are you still sitting in my car? We’ve been stopped for a good minute. You could have easily opened the door and made a run for it. Since you didn’t I do think a tiny bit, even if it is point zero eight of an ounce of you, does want to be here with me.”
                Hmm, he’s very right.
There she is again; burning a hole in my mind. She’s very satisfied with tonight’s events. I honestly don’t know how to feel. All week I’ve been fantasizing about a moment alone with Mr. Hemmings.
                “What’s your real name Mr. Hemmings?” I ask randomly.
                “Luke. My name is Luke.” He tells me and grins. “Now can we get out of this damned car?” I shrug. Once he opens the door I turn to mimic him. His arm reaches over my chest and pulls the door shut. I blush because his hand briefly brushed over my chest. “Don’t, I’ll help you out.” Within seconds he’s out of the car and on my side opening the door for me.
               “I, uh… Thank you.” I whisper taking his hand and getting out. I try to push back the effect his touch has on me, but I can’t. It makes my mind fuzzier than it already is. I know the air has cleared my head, but I feel drunk again. What’s wrong with me?
        “You’re welcome.” He turns away from me and pulls his hand away.
        No! Touch me again! 
        I wipe my hands on the skirt of my dress and follow him into the house. He turns the lights on when he steps through the door. They flicker some before staying bright. We are in a small hallway, there is what I assume to be a coat closet on my right and then to my left is what has to be the way to the rest of the house.
        “Come, I’m sure you’re hungry.” Luke motions with his head towards the left. I take the time to think about his name. Luke. I wonder if his full name is Lucas. Hmm, I like that. Lucas Hemmings. It fits him really well.
        “Are you coming?” He’s at the end of the hall waiting for me. Oh, right. I’m following him now. The hall leads to the large living room. It’s bigger than I expected. Maybe this place is a lot larger. The décor of the place is very intriguing. Normally someone would avoid hanging posters in a living area; instead the norm would to save that for a separate room like a bedroom, or home office. Somehow the many posters and articles… work very well.
        “Would you like something to drink?” I shake my head. I don’t feel like drinking or eating for that matter. “Water it is then. You need something to sober you up.”
        “I can make my own decisions. Stop treating me like an irate child. You have no responsibility to me or my family. Damn, you’re just a stupid sub for my stupid school.” I stomp my feet again. Okay, I’m in need of something to sober me up. I don’t like the affect the alcohol is having on my body and mind. “Why are you so interested in me anyways?! YOU made me get in the car. YOU made me come here. Oh and let’s not forget that YOU got on to me today at lunch for my stupid shirt!” I’m yelling now.
        “For one I haven’t made you do anything against your will at all, I thought I made that very clear earlier!” His normally calm composure is broke now. I can see his face turning a light shade of red with anger. I’ve stepped over the line now. “I’m not a ‘stupid sub’ for your ‘stupid school’ at all! Am I not allowed to have feelings? Even if I’m not sure why I am having them for a dumb teenager like you? Honestly, I don’t think these are feelings of anything but arrogance anyways.  I’m trying to help you! I told you that countless times tonight; you’re being utterly irrational and blowing everything out of proportion. I’ll stop treating you like an irate child the moment you quit acting like one! Is that clear?!”
        I nod.
        “Thank you. Now take this Advil and drink the whole glass of water, got it?”
        I nod again.
        “I’m going to change clothes. I’ll bring you something to sleep in.”
        I nod again. I wait until he’s disappeared down another hallway before taking the pill and drinking glass of water. I’m not really sure what to do now. So I just wonder into the living room to further examine the posters on the wall. He has great taste in music. Personally I like The Beatles posters the most in the room. I look at those more than anything else.
        “’Abbey Road’ is one of my personal favorites of the albums they recorded. Would you agree?” He came out of nowhere. It startled me for a brief moment. He’s now changed into some sweats and a Nirvana t-shirt.
        “No, I think ‘Rubber Sole’ is the best.” I tell him. It’s true I could listen to that album for the rest of my life and be happy with it. It never gets old.
        “Ah, let me guess your favorite is ‘Drive My Car’?”
        “You’ll be surprised that it is not. ‘In My Life’ is my favorite track. It has a depth to it that I understand. Lennon was a fabulous writer. He added a great depth and meaning to his songs, unlike Paul who mainly liked the pop love songs.”
        “You've astonished me Jacey. That happens to be my favorite from the album as well.”
        I smile and blush. This small talk is now making me feel bad for the rude things I said to him earlier. I’ve been a brat to say the least. I just can’t bring myself to apologize, he isn’t completely right either. So I’d rather stay quiet.
        “I brought you a par of pajama pants and a black shirt to sleep in. They’re in the bathroom down the hall, first door on the left. Do not go anywhere else, got it?”
        “I won’t.”
        “Promise me!”
        “I promise.” Why is he being such a spaz about this?

Authors note: Hmm, Lucas has got a secret... I bet none of you will guess what it is. If you happen to do so, you will be a character in the story soon. That's a promise. Guess as many times as you'd like. Comment or message them to me! 

I think this is the longest chapter I've written so far. I think they'll start getting longer from now on!

(Btw I know Luke's name is really Lucas he he) 

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