The Sub

"So is this it?" His eyes cast down. No attempt to meet mine again.
"I don't know. I think it is." I reply. His back turns and then it hits me. It's over. No matter how much it hurts. It's the memories I crave, and the future I crave. I can't be what he wants. He can't be what I want. "This is it."


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

                "Jacob?!" I can hear the fear in my voice probably as well as he can. "Wh- you're suppose to be at college." I try my best to sound completely sober. God only knows if I do.
                "Are you drunk?" He asks instantly. Why do older brothers have to be so annoying? Jacob looks a lot like my dad also. Except he has my mothers bright blue eyes and dark hair. Jacob is twenty-two and is in his final year at college. He shouldn't be here right now.
                "You shouldn't be here." I say turning away from him and walking away. Damn, I wouldn't have done that sober. Why is he even here?! He calls after me. I ignore. He calls after me. I ignore.
                "Jacey Lynn Carter, listen to me right now!" Jacob grabs my wrist spinning me towards him. He tilts my head back and looks at my eyes. "Yeah, you're drunk." He laughs. Um, okay? 
                "Jacob," I whine, "please let me leave. I don't want to be here anymore. I can't find Alexa and I just want to go home." I stomp my feet like a child.
                "Damn, you're an annoying drunk." He sighs. "Do you really think mom and dad will be okay with you strolling in shit-faced drunk?"
                 "They're in New York. They're not even home." I huff tearing my arm from his grip. "I'll walk since Alexa has my keys." I really hope I don't sound as childlike as I suspect.
                "Nice of them to tell me." He sighs.
                "Nice of you to tell me you were coming in from school." I fire back. Why am I even defending mom and dad? They left me. Alone. My voice is very harsh. Good, I want it to be. 
                "What do you mean they left?" His lips press into a line across his face.
                "They just left. I told you that already!" I yell. "Now can I go home now?!" Maybe I am being a bit annoying.
                "No, it's a party. Stay and have some fun." He says and drags me through a crowd of people.
                "Jacob, please stop it! I want to go home!" I smack his arm. He doesn't even act like it affected him in any way. "Jake please!" I cry using his nickname I have him years ago. I only ever call him that. He never lets anyone else do so.
                "Fine, but I'm staying here." He huffs releasing me.
                     "Fine, but I'm staying here." He huffs releasing me.
                Once again I’m fighting the crowd. Alexa and Jacob abandoned me. The outside air feels good, and it makes me feel less dizzy. I turn left down the road. Thankfully my house isn’t too far from Cameron’s. Still, it is a good walk. I try my best to walk straight so if any passing cars won’t be able to tell I am drunk. I find myself giggling at my feet. I hear the engine of a car nearing me so I turn to look. It’s a dark car, so I can’t really tell what kind it is. It doesn’t help that my vision is blurry either.
                “Jacey, is that you?” The car has stopped next to me on the curb. I turn in surprise to see who is asking me.
                “Yeah, who are you?” It’s dark in the car too, so I can’t tell who it is. Pleas Lord, don’t let my speech be slurred!
                “Get in the car.” The voice orders. I know this voice from somewhere, but where?
                “No!” I shout. “Stranger danger!” I giggle then run away. I trip over a crack in the sidewalk and go tumbling down. I start to laugh louder than before. I look at my knee and see its bleeding. “Oh, blood!” I giggle smearing it around my knee.
                “Jesus Christ… Jacey get in my car. Now!” I look up and see Mr. Hemmings. Shit… Shit… This is bad. Very bad! 
                “Wh-why?” I ask standing up. I smooth out my navy dress. Oh dear, I hope he didn’t see anything when I fell!
                “Just shut up, and get in the car!” He says sternly pointing to his car. I can now see it’s a black Audi. Oh, I’ve always wanted one of those!
                “No!” I say turning away. No matter how bad my subconscious wants to get in the car with him, I can’t.
                “Either get in my car right fucking now, or I will have to call your parents and tell them about this. I’m very sure they won’t appreciate their daughter walking the streets drunk, and alone.” He shouts at me.
                “Fine,” I hang my head and follow him to the car. He opens the passenger door for me. I don’t dare look at him as I slide into the car. I do watch him cross I front of the car and over to his side. My eyes find my lap once more.
                “Where were you?” He asks as soon as he slams his door shut.
                Lie, my little goddess has appeared again. “My cousins,” I shrug my shoulders.
                “You know what I really hate, Jacey?” He asks, I shake my head. “Liars.” He states. “Now tell me the truth.”
                “I was at a party, okay? Didn’t you ever go to house parties?” I scoff crossing my arms.
                “Why were walking home alone?”
                “Why don’t you drive this stupid car and take me home!” I yell. I really don’t know what came over me. Maybe it’s that he is treating me like an irate child.
                “Okay,” he starts the car and then drives down the road.
                I’m in a car with my substitute teacher, while I’m drunk. This is so weird. If I wasn’t so hammered I might be able to enjoy this. Of course though, I’m fuming mad at him. He has no right making me get in his car and then treating me this way!
                “Where are we going anyways?” I ask finally looking over to him. Man he really is beautiful. His eyes always seem to sparkle no matter what. Then it catches my eye; a black ring on his bottom lip. Oh, so that’s why he was always fidgeting with his lip during class. 
                “Are your parents’ home?” He asks me.
                “No, they’re in New York. Why?”
                “Good, then they won’t be freaking out when you don’t come home.” What the hell?!


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