The Sub

"So is this it?" His eyes cast down. No attempt to meet mine again.
"I don't know. I think it is." I reply. His back turns and then it hits me. It's over. No matter how much it hurts. It's the memories I crave, and the future I crave. I can't be what he wants. He can't be what I want. "This is it."


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4
                My schedule plays out the same all week. Mr. Hemmings asks me to be on the team every morning during first. He also asks if he passes me in the hallway. Alexa teases me and makes jokes the whole time about him having what she calls “the hots” for me. Honestly it's starting to annoy me. If anything he likes me, that’s it. No further affection.
                At lunch I and Alexa decide to sit alone. We usually do this when she wants to make plans if some sorts for the weekend. So it's no surprise when she invites me to a party this weekend.
               "Who's party?" I ask. I usually don't go to parties. Hell I can't think of the last one I actually went to.
                "Cameron's." The expression in my face must soften because she continues with, "See you know him. So it'll be better than someone you don't know."
                "Why do you get me to agree to everything?" I groan trying to stifle my laugh. I fail terrible. "I'm done, are you?" I ask standing up from the lunch table.
                "Yeah, this shit is disgusting!" Alexa tosses her fork on her tray. I have to agree, whatever that so called meal was, was definitely not 'lasagna' as they had announced this morning.
                "Miss. Carter come her a second," my name is called from across the commons area. I turn and see Mr. Hemmings a few yards away.
                "Better go see what Mr. Sexy wants," Alexa teases bumping me with her arm. She walks away giddy as always.
                I walk over to Mr. Hemmings and wait for him to speak.
                "What exactly are you wearing?" His voice is cold and almost on edge. He seems pretty ticked if you ask me.
                "Obviously clothes, sir." I bite my lip to contain my grin. I glance down at my stop. Oh, a few inches of my torso are showing from the cut of my shirt.
                "Isn't that top against dress code or something?" He practically hisses.
                “No, it’s not.” I say back rudely. I’m never like this to an adult, let alone a teacher. “May I go now?” I ask.
                “Sure.” He says through gritted teeth. What the hell?
                I walk to class alone since Alexa must have left. She needs to quit doing that. I hate walking alone. Well occasionally I don’t mind it; but after weird encounters with Mr. Hemmings I’d like someone to keep my mind occupied with things other than him. At least it’s Friday and he probably won’t ever teach here for some time. There are tons of other subs they bring in. For all I know, I may never see him again.   
                The last four periods go by dreadfully slow. You’d think since its Friday the day would go fast. But it doesn’t. When I do get home I find a note on the kitchen counter.
                                Jacey, I know this is short notice. Really short notice; but your father had to attend a business trip in New York. He couldn’t say no. We are going to be home on Tuesday. I’m really sorry we didn’t tell you. It was a surprise to us honestly. We love you so so much. I left your credit card in your father’s office. Surprise! We thought you having your own would make up for us leaving on such short notice. 
                Why did mom have to go? Why don’t I know anything about my father’s job? And why are my parents giving me things? This isn’t normal. I do not like it at all. I jump when I hear my phone start ringing.
                “Hello?” I didn’t even check to see who it is.
                “Hey,” It’s Alexa. Figures.
                “Did your parents up and leave to go to New York also?” She asks. Hmmm.
                “Yeah, they did.” Alexa’s dad works for Hugo Inc. also. Maybe she knows something more. “Have your parents been spending more money on you than usual?”
                “Yeah a bit, they gave me a credit card.”
                “Mine did too.”
                “Don’t worry about it. I guess the new job is going great and maybe we’ll be living easy like all those girls in the movies.” She starts giggling. I fake a laugh. I can’t help but think something is fishy with this company.
                “What time is the party?” I change the subject.
                “7 o’clock.”
                “What are you wearing?”
                “I’m changing into a casual dress. You should wear that navy blue one you have. It’ll look great on you.”
                “I might.” I answer and giggle. “God, when did we become such girls?”
                “Well the moment you were conceived. Duh.”
                “Oh my god, Alexa!” I fall into a fit of giggles. “I have to go get something to eat. Want me to pick you up and then we can get ready here and eat pizza?”
                “Sure thing! See ya in 10?”
                “Alright, bye!” I hang up after she says bye quickly.
                I grab my car keys from the counter and order the pizza while I walk to the car. Alexa lives about a mile or two from my house. It doesn’t take long to get there. She’s waiting outside for me when I arrive. She jogs to my car sliding in.
                “Damn, your dad got you the best. Huh?” She smiles looking around the BMW.
                “Yeah, I forgot you hadn’t been in it yet.” I smile then pull out of her driveway.
                “I planned on spending the night, if that’s okay?”
                “That’s fine. I don’t like staying at home alone anyways. You could stay till Tuesday for all I care.”
                “I’ll think about it!” She giggles turning up the radio. Some pop music starts to fill the car as we drive to Mario’s Pizza on 1st street.  After picking up our food we head back to my house.
                “Why did your parents buy your house? I mean Madison Street is always so crowded it seems.”
                “Well we don’t exactly live on Madison. You know that.” I roll my eyes. I live next to Freeway Park on 8th Avenue. But it’s really close to Madison. “I guess my mom wanted to live near the park.”
                “Oh,” is all she replies. “I have something big to tell you when we get to your house anyways.” She sneers. The grin on her face grows wider as we near my house.
                What could this be?

All these places are in Seattle by the way. I use the little google maps app on my phone to find places. The school is about all I've made up honestly. 

Comment what you think Alexa has to tell Jacey! 

Have a great day and I love you all! -Kay 


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